488-thrifting Thursday~rebornloveisreal

Hey TTS I hope my mouth and my words correlate today you guys i wit thrifting I know I’m not supposed to but I wanted to well I had to get out so I wanted to find joy some 40 stuff already because she’s growing oh my goodness when you you know when you little people say you growing like a.

We she’s growing like a weed growing joy is very tall so I don’t know but babies so the truck and it was so because these I may donate I don’t think I need what I.

Don’t have room for any more bottles even though I like this square shaped green one guys I finally found sky some sleepers so she’s good.

I got my little rock star with me guys so got this purple with white polka dots since it’ll cutie just looking bigger at home and it did in the store I got this for sky this looks beat for her this is Carter’s newborn so we’ll see got this for my little man daddy’s best friend because I love.

Pasi the sooner he already had so I really like him in orange his fame color is blue but his favorite color.

Is orange so I found this for him.

As well because it is preemie I believe guess so card is preemie and it just has is great with little blue arrows I guess I think this is convertible so I try not to get things for toy.

Because toy is too many clothes mainly everything is for J and sky this is what handsome looks like again it has that orange so I like him and orange again this is looking much bigger than in the store this is carnage newborn I woke up this cute and this is a lit list sleeper I’m sure it looks a little on camera but sky is petite as well not quite as.

Petite as J but this looks wide for her I always say that then I put things on her and she fills it out so we’ll see and the last thing from this particular first store there’s this and when I saw it.

I saw this on the boom boom ice like yes so got this for baby J is pretty I like the red stripes and it says daddy’s all-stars so when football season starts he can wear that so that’s one first or Joey got some new me me shoes and I keep the.

Boxes this is actually a different cover I keep the boxes and I have her little knickknacks in.

It like her earrings and like things like that I love these boxes so my second trip store is my thrift store and so originally I.

Think it was 32 and then with.

The military discount it came to 26 dollars and 14 cents but not all of this was spent on the babies I know I spent.

$8 on me I got new two sweaters I love my thrift store you guys every I’m watching something on eBay I always find it at my first store I love our guy I love our God that’s my pity preppy look so I’ve been watching this crash Crofton barrel argyle sweater.

It’s white background with Argyle it has grey and purple Charley was at the thrift store I tried it on and I’m glad I did I have long arms so the arms was too short so I didn’t get it but it was only $4.99 online I think it was 17 wait three dollars shipping so it would have been 20 so I.

Would have got it today for four dollars so I did give me two sweaters like I said I got my favorite store when I was working that I would shop it.

Was New York and Co I Love New York and Co New York oh just a peach v-neck and I tried it on and it fits well I do need a.