488-thrifting Thursday~rebornloveisreal

Cami under it so I just got me a peach sweater it was 399 and then I found this one I don’t even know who makes this class club oh it’s not for me but I got anyone hold on here’s mine I like cable knit so I just got me.

I recently got me a scarf and I have brown dark brown leggings so I buy outfits so this will go with my brown leggings I found joy a sweater and I’m sure this is very very warm so this was really cute to me.

Keeping wear with her little jeans and I got her a 40 that sweater is 40 as well and I got her just pink long-sleeve tee oh and I kind of heard these were keeps to me I got her some jammies some girl John Deere jammies because.

The toys she got today was a John Deere tractor so is green like that so I thought that was cute now all this stuff is for the babies I found this for Jay you may already have one this was $1.
I like the colors and it’s really small you know you may have one.

Let me see you see that I don’t even have to turn.

His head the way he’s waited his head turns by itself so let me see oh he does have one oh yeah I forgot about this cool he has one but this.

His bed so now whenever I get him out and have to like maybe prop him up he can lay on that one yeah hope you guys watched his Rockstar.
Video that was really fun to.

Make in here my fur baby’s hair I don’t even understand how they get some of the places he’d use and I constantly dust I constantly sweep its he’s okay y’all wanna see me hold him he is so cute I look kissing but I just put some chapstick on my lips so he has that you guys look at these we see those those are so pretty I was watching these on eBay.

And because they’re not like a very I think this.

Is foreign this particular ma’am is not very popular I think these passes was 19 that was $19 pleasure baby was $19 plus shipping look how much it was in my first or 99 cents that’s why I love going to the thrift store you.

Never know what you’re gonna find it’s a treasure hunt for me and I always find things I absolutely love so these are really really.

Cute but it’s six plus months so I’m gonna go ahead and open them and see how they fit so it says who is.

A glare I’m sorry six plus blunt silk.

Touch silicone ma’am to orthodontic pacifiers gum massaging nipple so these ones I got now online that all these weddings these are really pretty these are really pretty I’m gonna really a ma’am fan well I see.

That they say massaging can y’all see that on the on the nipple oh this is like a rubber grip on that side and being on the tongue side I guess either side okay so it’s two different blues with a clear shield so this is the zero to three nook I.

Just took out of his mouth and y’all see the comparison I may have to cut these new ones when I get new pacifiers especially hard to find pacifier I don’t really like to come sometimes they just have to you know stick out from his face a little bit and went on during filming depending on the angle depending on the angle y’all can’t see us sticking.

Out thank you got a mommy doing video okay he likes the massaging part I guess we tried okay too much trash in here right so let me show you guys the rest of we’re like that I’ve been watching this on eBay the sky this is preemie and they cute I love that this is.

Koala baby newborn and sky is a koala baby so I got this for just pink and white stripes this is preemie thought this was really pretty you don’t see the pattern that’s pretty so that’s three and I got this for her it looks a little big he looks a little wide but I like it cuz it has hearts on it so I think this was the most expensive thing I kind yep.

This was 149 so that’s three I’m sorry for sleepers I found her a koala baby when Z.

With little heart someone in his purple I try to find more purple for her I thought this was cute with all the flowers I think this is this is koala baby as.

Well and y’all know I love this line and this is tiny I originally got this toy but I think this is gonna be for sky because this is really really tiny and I love this like I got.

Toy the shirt this is love and I like that it’s rounded at the bottom now for baby J I.

Got him this cuz I like nautical I got him.

This one it’s a footed and he says I’m a great catch and he has waited ly so a little to go with this as well as.

His other nautical one nautical sleeper okay this is for football but it’s for it’s.

Sunday and it’s a side snap but I think this is 0 to 3 Gerber it is but he can fit 0-3 cover you know Gerber runs small so I thought this was really cute it’s nice and crisp another 0 to 3 side snap Gerber I bet he would look so cute in this I hope I.

Have a pass see it’s a match and a hat yeah he needs a gray hat and a white hat oh I didn’t know I forgot ok have this she.

May already have this cuz this is koala baby what I like the colors and last but not least for baby chain now this is newborn but it looks small and it’s green and blue stripes with the gray so and guys I love I thought.

This was footless I like him actually and put me sleepless but he has another sleeper so that is what I got you guys.

Happy happy happy with my purchases we had a good.

Day yes I’m over my cold oh my goodness I was still having a little congestion and I spoke to my brother I never talk about my brother we don’t he takes.

A lot but we don’t really talk on the phone so I talked to him on the phone and he told me about something called elderberry I didn’t even know about it and he told me I needed to go to a Whole Foods store or Vitamin Shoppe I looked it up on walmart.com and they carry it so I took the elderberry and it really really helped you got all that congestion and everything out so enjoy is done with her little runny nose so everyone is.

Good yes so that is my Thursday proofing trip you guys have a great evening.