They Don't Want Us To Vlog , Unboxing My Joby Gorilla Pod (i Spent Too Much Money)

my way it’s just the better but you say for September unknown on my way to pick up some packages that can checks some around Mutsumi I don’t know so my subscribers within a handsome maven my week see how I forget later my wig is from maybe I have two packages picking up today from.

Maybe some of Kaiba’s trust me if.

I can purchase they wait for them so yeah so if you want me to hook you up with the maybe in here let me know the.

Comment section down below in my local news we banned a local flea market are being demolished after they apparently defender that’s the Panda so that’s oh and another thing I know we’ll ask so when I ship with can check cargo it takes 21 business days for my person to arrive from US or abroad yeah so I know you may ask a mucho why don’t you shop with pasta well.

Tell you guys it was not a good experience my package got lost not the nation nothing just got rose so this is cyclical so this is going going to the Leeds yeah are they true money $15 nothing to deliver the packet is.

To the individual so if you want to shop with me cut short just DME I came for battery 16 on Instagram I’ll tell you the details oh my god today when is data’s really been a good day I’m so happy after meetings fruitful meeting shi RKO.

I just got a call me me so today was a good day oh my god and finally concept right foot the first.

One broke that’s a problem is.

Generic so this one is a job a great job it’s a job a great job a great job being gripped tight 1gp stunt is for my phone yeah cuz I blog a lot with my phone and I’m out because people in a row Peter want us to flock yeah let me do a little unboxing oh if you’re going to ask me I bought this at Universal gift Santa it’s done Kenyatta Avenue yeah you know like whereas Seema’s was right there on the.

Net have been you you will find it caribou not cheap you 6,000 yeah I know online is like that.
$4 much much it Jeffrey I get.

So hot women when my open okay yes yes excites me whenever what’s our my gosh so it extends to midnight 56 to 91 millimeters 2.

23 constic is doesn’t work with me people touch we love you.

Was that I’m happy so happy so happy today lady so hello game welcome back to my.

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