Old Hollywood Mysteries & Scandals Thelma Todd

Can you hear me hey hey I made it I can’t here Shannon am i loud enough can you hear me iridium yeah yeah he’s done crying I can’t hear Shannon at all let me try that chat oh she hears us I can’t hear let me um I’m gonna drop out and try again okay okay I’ll wait I’m on.

Top hi hello again I still can’t hear Jana she says her a screen is loading can you hear her no I just see what she’s typing in the chat when I turn the sound on on YouTube on the actual video it’s like really it’s not against done oh really I think you’re supposed to mute YouTube.

I couldn’t hear Shannon so I thought I wonder if I can.

Hear her over there hey for the people listening how do we sound can you hear us okay are.

You hearing a lot of static or anything let’s see that you can pounce and if the conspiracy Shanta okay thanks nobody wants you talking.

Mama that’s right yeah you might have to I don’t like I don’t know what I’m doing so Andrey okay we’ll come back.

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