Top 10 Real Mysterious Ghosts Caught On Camera – Scary Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera

The ghost or paranormal activity is something that is frightening to many people the idea that we may not be alone is Waris however that fear is amplified when the paranormal is caught on video especially when it comes from a credible source here are top 10 real ghosts caught on camera scary paranormal activity before we begin make sure you.

Subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content restaurante ghost most people think of houses hospitals or jails when they think about ghost sightings but.

Some of the most unsuspecting of places can turn out to be the most haunted this footage was taken in a popular food joint during broad daylight a shadowy ghost suddenly materializes in a subway restaurant it starts out in the shape of a human and almost appears to be getting a table when it gets to its seat the black shadow suddenly changes into a floating black blob of an orb at this point an employee or maybe a customer appears to see the ghost.

In the doorway whoever they are they look stunned for a second and then quickly back.

Away the shadow hug pays no attention to the human as it floats up to the window and.

Lingers there it’s almost as if it is taking a look at the outside world the ghost starts to rise even higher and shrinks until it fully disappears back to wherever it came from hooded figure caught at the Vatican in 2016 a tourist captured.

This startling footage while waiting in line to enter st.

Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City the video appears to show a mysterious figure wearing a dark hooded robe perched in one of the churches bell towers the figure doesn’t even appear to be distracted by the ringing Bell as it stares ominously upon the crowd below when the video first appeared it sent lovers of the paranormal into a social media frenzy some believed that the.

Figure was a fallen angel while others thought it may have been the ghost of someone who had committed suicide by leaping from the bell tower a few even noted the figures eerie resemblance the Slenderman while the true identity of the figure remains unknown one thing is certain it sure makes.

For a very creepy video ghost in window of jail a person and his friends are exploring an old county jail they take a video camera with them so that they can make a parody of.

The ghost hunters television series little did the small group know that on this.

Night they would accidentally capture actual evidence of real ghosts he wanders around the.

Property with the camera close to his face while narrating he passes by an ordinary-looking jail cell window and doesn’t think much of it at the time when he goes back to review the footage later he makes a startling discovery in the window from the other side of the glass the colorless reflection of a.
Man’s face stares at him you can clearly.

See the outline of the ghosts bro nose and empty eyes his head is cocked to the right almost like Lee.

Is sizing up a new comer his mouth appears to be a thin expressionless line if anything the ghost has incredible timing right when he says that he is looking for evidence of ghosts one just happens to show up in the window it’s almost as if the ghost was trying to make its presence known perhaps it was.

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