Top 10 Real Mysterious Ghosts Caught On Camera – Scary Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera

Even trying to get a hold of someone who could free it from its miserable cell noises in the Attic a Portuguese couple keeps hearing strange loud noises coming from their attic they grab a camera and go to investigate the woman seems very frightened and keeps telling her husband to quote be careful in Portuguese turns out there’s a very good reason for her concern you decide is this Portuguese caught on camera.

Let me know in the comments ghost caught on building a group of British friends are playing catch in a courtyard when one of them sees something strange and points it out to the others the.

Camera follows his gaze and stops on a pale face.

Looking at them from high above the sickly person looks.

At them for a second longer before silently slipping out of view the group is now creeped out and wants to know who has been spying on them this whole time they tell the property manager about the.

Face they saw in the window that she says that it’s impossible the room they are talking about has been locked and unoccupied for quite some time the manager goes up with them to unlock the door and show them around they try and find a person but the place is completely.

Empty there’s no way anyone could have been up there yet the camera obviously says differently.

The mysterious people has never been identified Korean ghosts this next clip is from Korean TV series cool dangerous invitation basically it’s a.

Show where the directors travel to haunted.

Places across South Korea to find the evidence of the paranormal they take along with them a traditional Korean Exorcist who uses a near die which is a stick that supposedly has spiritual energy and contrat spirits within it’s.

Also apparently prevents them from being possessed by a ghost the stick has balls attached to it so when a spirit is trapped the bowels supposedly make a sound even though the stick is not moved in this video the main star the show travels to a haunted house and looks.

There various items in the closet then a supposedly ghost voice is caught on EVP saying what are you doing.

In Korean The Exorcist claims that this is the ghost of man who got drunk and committed suicide further into the video a dark shadow can also be seen this is.

Apparently the ghost being trapped in the stick it’s.

Definitely a little different from the usual ghost video spirit of little girl an urban explorer was left shaken after claiming to see the ghost of Uncle Fester in the door of an abandoned bunker he was exploring an underground bunker in Stockport Greater Manchester and was taking.

Photographs of his experience however looking back at the photographs he was shocked to find the pictures appeared haunted alongside seeing the face of Uncle Fester in one of the bunker stores he also claims he could see the face of a little girl.

At the bottom of the stairs despite being scared by the experience he plans to return to the underground bunker to see what other paranormal experiences he can encounter he explored abandoned mental asylums where a lot of bad things have reportedly happened what you think about it let me know in.

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