Top 10 Real Mysterious Ghosts Caught On Camera – Scary Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera

The comments the church disturbance when two friends are wandering around the woods one summer night with a single goal in mind they want to explore an abandoned local chapel that’s rumored to be haunted as they approach they see that someone has written prayers and warnings all over the outside wall the two friends instantly get a bad feeling about this adventure but.

Their fear and decide to press on the rickety main door is locked so they sneak around back already they don’t want to be around here much longer they had explored an old clock tower earlier in the day and were greatly disappointed by a lack of paranormal activity but they could tell this church is way different this place looked and felt quite haunted they go up some wooden.

Steps and enter through the back door they shine their flashlights deep into the church’s main assembly now they find themselves inside of a small maintenance closet they closed the door behind them because they don’t want anything sneaking up on them it feels like anyone could be watching right now they see a ladder to.

The left they realize that they can’t spend the entire night trapped in the broom closet of a haunted church so they turn their.

Flashlights back on to see who is playing sitting at the piano at the far end of the room is a black hunched-over phantom they scream and shut the door the music stops as soon as they leave a church it seems like they’ve gotten away but then the ghost finds them and they run away screaming.

The camera cuts off as they fall back deeper into the woods but stay out of the Attic in 2008 a man started to notice some paranormal activities around his house he would often come home from work to find his dogs cowering under the.

Bed too afraid to come out when his dogs would only come out from under the bed for brief about 10 seconds at the most before going straight back into hiding something was intimidating these large dogs badly the owner start to.

Hear banging noises coming from.

All over his home and he begins to look around he eventually traces.

A noise to his attic and goes upstairs with the camera for a closer look everything is completely trashed boxes are overturned and clothing is scattered everywhere something had violently flung all of his personal possessions all around.

As soon as he goes back downstairs he hears another huge bang and runs right back up the steps he puts the camera down and searches the empty attic for clues another object hits the ground on its own and the camera moves to the right on its own to the home ER when it was too scared to look at the footage he waited.

A week before going back upstairs to.

Get his camera he begins recording everything he does in his home and it isn’t long before he has more paranormal evidence the video recording starts to get fuzzy too as if a ghost causing electrical disturbances by passing by both of his dogs begin to look in the same spot as if they are following something he was only.

Able to record it’s strange and oftentimes violent behaviors if.

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