Ray Bradbury 1952 A Sound Of Thunder Wighton Audiobook

All time your personal checks still there tear it up mr.
Eckles looked at the check for a long time his fingers twitched good luck said the man behind the desk. Travis he’s all yours they moved silently across the room taking their guns with them toward the machine towards the silver metal and the roaring light today and then a night and then a day and then a night then it was day night day night day a week a month a year a decade ad 20.

55 ad 20 19 1999 1957 gone the machine roared they put on their oxygen helmets and tested.

The intercoms Eckles suede on the padded seat his face pale his jaw stiff.

He felt the trembling in his arms and he looked down and found his hands tight on the new rifle there were four other men in the machine.

Travis the Safari leader his assistant les parents and two other hunters Billings and.

Cramer they sat looking at each other and the years.

Blazed around them can these guns get a dinosaur cold Eckles felt his mouth saying if you hit them right said Travis on the helmet radio some dinosaurs have two brains one in the head another far down the spinal column we stay away from those that’s stretching luck put your first two shots into the eyes if you can blind them and go back into.

The brain the Machine how old time was a film run backwards sons fled and ten million moons fled after.

Them could God said Echols every hunter that ever lived would envy us today this makes Africa seem.

Like Illinois the machines slowed its scream fell to a murmur the machines stopped the Sun stopped in the sky enveloped the machine blew away and they were in an old time a very old time indeed three hunters and two safari heads with their blue metal guns across their knees Christ isn’t born yet said Travis Moses has not gone to the mountain to talk with God the pyramids are still in the earth waiting to be cut out and put up remember that Alexander Caesar Napoleon Hitler none of them.

Exists the men nodded that mr.

Jungle of 60 million 2055 years before president Keith he indicated a metal path that struck off into green wilderness over steaming swamp among giant ferns and palms and that he said is the path laid by time safari for your use it.

Floats six inches above the earth doesn’t touch so.

Much as one grass blade flower or tree it’s an antigravity metal its purpose is to keep you from touching this world of the past in any way stay on the path.

Don’t go off it I repeat don’t go off for any reason.

If you fall off there’s a penalty and don’t shoot any animal we don’t okay why asked Eccles they sat in the ancient wilderness far birds cries blew on a wind and the smell of tar and an old salt sea moist grasses and flowers the colour of blood we don’t want to change future we don’t belong here in the past the government.

Doesn’t like us here we have to pay big graft to keep our franchise a time machine is damn finicky business not knowing it we might kill.

An important animal a small bird a roach a flower even thus destroying an important link in a growing species that’s not clear said Eccles all right Travis continued say we accidentally kill one Mouse here.

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