Ray Bradbury 1952 A Sound Of Thunder Wighton Audiobook

To its oily reptilian chest each lower lake was a piston a thousand pounds of white bone sunken thick ropes of muscle she is Dover in a gleam of pebbled skin like the male of a.

Terrible warrior each thigh was a ton of meat ivory and steel mesh and from the great breathing cage of the upper body those two delicate arms dangled out front arms with hands which might pick up and examine men like toys while the snake neck coiled and the head itself a ton of sculptured stone lifted easily upon the sky its mouth gaped exposing offensive teeth like daggers its eyes rolled ostrich.

Eggs empty of all expressions safe hunger it closed its mouth in a death grid it ran its pelvic bones crushing aside trees and bushes its Talon feet clawing damp earth leaving prints six inches.

Deep where ever it settled its weight it.

Ran with the gliding ballet step far too poised and balanced for its ten tonnes it moved into a sunlit arena wearily is beautifully reptile hands feeling the air god Eckles twitched his mouth it could reach up and grab the moon Shh Travis jerked angrily.

He hasn’t seen us yet it can’t be killed Eckles.

Pronounce this verdict quietly as if there could be no argument he had weighed the evidence and this was his considered opinion the rifle in his hands seemed a cap gun we were fools to come this is impossible shut up hissed Travis nightmare.

Turn around commanded Travis walk quietly to the machine will remit you.

One half your fee I didn’t realize it would be this big said Eccles I miscalculated that’s all and now I want out it.

Sees us there’s the red paint on.

Its chest the Thunder lizard.

Raised itself it’s armored flesh glittered like a thousand green coins the coins crusted with slime steamed in the slime tiny insects wriggled so that the entire body seemed to twitch and undulate even while the monster itself did not move it exhale the stink of raw flesh blew down the wilderness get me out of here said Eccles it.

Was never like this before I.

Was always sure I’d come through alive I had good guides good safaris and safety this time I figured wrong I’ve met my match and admit it this is too much for me to get hold of don’t run setlist prints turn around hide in the.

Machine yes Echols seemed to be numb he looked at his feet as if trying to make them move he gave a grunt of helplessness Eckles he took a few steps blinking shuffling not that way the monster at the first motion lunged forward with a terrible scream it covered one hundred yards in four seconds the rifles jerked up and blazed fire a windstorm from the beasts.

Mouth engulfed them in the stench of slime and old blood the monster roared teeth glittering with Sun Echols not looking back walked blindly to the edge of the path his gun limp in his arms stepped off the path and walked not knowing it in the jungle his feet sank into green moss his legs moved him and he.

Felt alone and remote from the events behind the rifles cracked again their sound was lost in shriek and lizard thunder the great lever.

Of the reptiles tail swung up lashed sideways trees exploded in clouds of leaf and branch the monster twitched its jewelers hands down to fondle at the men to twist them in half to crush them.

Like berries to cram them into its teeth and its screaming throat it’s bolder stone eyes leveled with the men they.

Saw themselves mirrored they fired at the metallic eyelids and the blazing black iris like a stone Idol like a mountain avalanche Tyrannosaurus fell thundering it clutched trees.

Pulled them with it it wrenched and tore the metal path the men.

Flung themselves back and away the body hit ten tons of cold flesh and stone the guns fired the monster lashed its armored tail twitched its snake jaws and lay still a fount of blood spurted from its throat somewhere inside a sack of fluids burst sickening gushes drenched the hunters.

They stood red and glistening the Thunder faded the jungle was silent after the Avalanche a green piece after the nightmare morning killings in Kramer sat on the pathway and threw up Travis and les Prince stood with smoking rifles cursing steadily in the time machine on his face Echols lay shivering he had found.

His way back to the path climbed into the machine Travis came walking glanced at Echols took cotton gauze from.

Returned to the others who were sitting on the path clean up they wiped the blood from their helmets they began to curse to the monster lay a hill of solid flesh within you could hear the sighs and murmurs as the furthest chambers of it died the organs malfunctioning liquids running a final instant from pocket to sack to spleen everything shutting off closing up.

Like standing by a wrecked locomotive or a steam shovel at quitting time all valves being released or levered tight bones cracked the tonnage of its own flesh off.

Balance deadweight snapped the delicate forearms caught underneath the meat settled quivering another cracking sound overhead a gigantic tree branch broke from its heavy mooring fell it crashed upon the dead beast with finality their less parents checked.

His watch right on time that’s the giant tree that was scheduled to fall and kill this animal originally he glanced at the two hunters you want the trophy picture what we can’t take a trophy back to the future the body has to stay right here where it would have died originally.

So the insects birds and bacteria can get at it as they were intended to everything in balance the body stays but we can take a picture of you standing near it the two men tried to think but gave up shaking their heads they let themselves be led along the metal path they sank wearily into the machine cushions they gazed back.

At the ruined monster the stagnating mound where.

Already strange reptilian birds and golden insects were busy at the steaming armor a sound on the Time Machine stiffened them Eckles sat there shivering I’m sorry he said at.

Last get up cried Travis Eccles got up go out on that path alone said Travis he had.

His rifle pointed you’re not coming back in the machine we’re leaving you here les Pirin seized Travis’s arm wait stay out of this Travis shook his hand away this son of a bitch nearly killed us but it isn’t that so much he’ll.

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