Ray Bradbury 1952 A Sound Of Thunder Wighton Audiobook

His shoes look at them he ran off the path my god that ruins us Christ knows how much will forfeit tens of thousands of dollars of insurance we guarantee no one leaves the path he left it oh the damn fool I’ll have to report to the government they might revoke our license.

To travel god knows what he’s done to time to history take it easy all he did was kick up some dirt how do we know cried Travis we don’t know anything it’s all a damn mystery get out there Eccles Eccles fumbled his shirt I’ll pay anything $100,000 Travis glared at Eccles checkbook and spat go out there the monsters next to the path stick your arms up to.

Your elbows in his mouth then you can come back with us that’s unreasonable the monsters dead you yellow bastard the bullets the bullets can’t be left behind they don’t belong in the past they might change something.

Here’s my knife dick the out the jungle was alive again full of the old.

Tremoring x’ and bird cries Eccles turned slowly to regard that preemie Ville garbage dumped that hill.

Of nightmares and terror after a long time like a sleepwalker he shuffled out along the.

Path he returned shuddering five minutes later his arms soaked and red to the elbows he held out his hands each held the number of steel bullets then he fell he lay where.

He fell not moving didn’t have to make him do that said les Prince didn’t I it’s too early to tell Travis nudged the still body he’ll live next time he won’t go hunting game like this okay he jerked his thumb wearily at les Prince switch on let’s go home 1492 1776.

1812 they cleaned their hands and faces they changed their caking shirts and pants Eckles was up and around again not speaking travis glared at him for a full 10 minutes.

Don’t look at me cried Eckles I haven’t done anything who can tell just ran off the path that’s all a little mud on my shoes what do you want me to do get down and pray we might need it I’m warning you Eckles I might kill you yet I’ve got my gun ready I’m innocent I’ve done nothing 1999-2000 2055 the machine stopped get out.

Said Travis was there as they had left it but not the same as they.

Man sat behind the same desk but the same man did not quite sit behind the same desk Travis looked around swiftly everything okay here he snapped fine welcome home Travis did not.

Relax he seemed to be looking at the very atoms of the air itself at.

The way the Sun poured through the one high window ok Eccles get out don’t ever come back Eccles could not move you heard me said Travis what are you staring at Eccles stud smelling the.

To the air a chemical taint so subtle so slight that only a faint cry of his subliminal senses warned him it was there the colors white gray blue orange in the wall in the furniture in the sky beyond the window were were and there was a feel his flesh twitched his hands twitched he stood drinking the oddness with the pores of his body somewhere someone must have been screaming one of those whistles that.

Only a dog can hear his body screamed silence in return beyond this room beyond this wall beyond this man who was not quite the same man seated at.

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