Ray Bradbury 1952 A Sound Of Thunder Wighton Audiobook

This desk that was not quite the same desk lay an entire world of streets and people what sort of.

World it was now there was no telling he could feel them moving there beyond the walls almost like so many chess pieces blown.

In a dry wind but the immediate thing was the sign painted on the office wall the same sign he.

Had read earlier today on first entering somehow the sign had changed time Safari ink safaris to any year in the past you Nayeem the animal we take you there you shoot it Eckles felt himself fall into a chair he fumbled crazily at the thick slime on his boots he held up a clod of dirt trembling no it can’t be not a little thing like that no embedded.

In the mud glistening green and gold and black was a butterfly very beautiful and very dead not a little thing like that not a butterfly cried Eccles it fell.

To the floor an exquisite thing a small thing that could upset balances and knock down a line of small dominoes and then big dominoes and then gigantic dominoes all down the years across time Eccles mind world it couldn’t change things killing one butterfly couldn’t be that important could it his.

Face was cold his mouth trembled asking who who won the presidential election yesterday the man behind the desk laughed you joking you know damn well sure of course who else not that damn weakling Keith we got.

An Iron Man now a man with guts by God the official stopped what’s wrong Eckles moaned he dropped to his knees he scrabbled that the golden butterfly with shaking.

Fingers can’t we he pleaded to the world to himself to the officials to the machine can’t we take it back can’t we make it alive again can’t we start.

Over can’t we he did not move eyes shut he waited shivering.

He heard javis breathe loud in the room he heard Travis shift his rifle click the safety catch and raised the weapon there was a sound of thunder you.

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