Lifetime Movies 2017 – Great Stories Based On A True Story 2017

But he like for coming back he’s not coming back miles you read the note and even if he did we’re not gonna be here where are we going as far as Jack will take us why do you call the car jack cuz it rhymes with Cadillac come on get in the car put on your seatbelts you’re ready to.

Go on a trip really which way are we going north how far.

North the North Pole no not that far north.

Looks like no drop here either and then santa came and the family had the best Christmas ever talent for another 100.
Morrow honey I don’t want to use them all today I miss her well we’ll find.

A better one we never should have left no we shouldn’t have stayed as long as you did mama I gotta go it’ll be okay mama how do you know I said it.
Prayer a lot of good that’ll do hey miles.

It couldn’t hurt mommy you’re strong thank you sweetheart remember.

What pastor Walter used to say what women are like tea bags you never know how strong they’re until you put them in hot water no pets neither I can give you.

A better rate if you stay the whole week Oh what Christmas at all we don’t get much traffic do.

You need any help around here yeah wife doesn’t mama I gotta go I’m coming Trudy may be looking for a waitress to handle.

The graveyard that’s what I hear hey Trudy Willis say she she owns the model a.

Cafe south into town okay thank you I can’t afford to hire anyone right now please.

I’ve tried every town between here in the state line I’ve got to find something I’ll work for half the wages you don’t understand.

I can’t afford to hire anyone do you have a restaurant she can use the shirts come here how about I work for whatever you can afford an tips how about that I can only afford minimum wage and we’ll see how it goes till Christmas thank you thank you all this probably won’t last long anyway what’s that oh I said I I.

Can’t wait that long I need you to start tonight tonight tonight Oh all right let me get the kids squared away then mac and cheese left over for lunch for the.

Children really thank you they’ll need to wear this it’s not chic but it’s clean great.

Thank you you’re a good person mrs. Willis well don’t let that get around okay I’ll see you soon thought you weren’t hiring not well I think my is responsible enough for that now do I get paid to oh one thing at a time and miles I’m really counting on you you.

Are in the fifth grade and you’re old enough should be in six we’ve been through all that I held you back so you could take better care of yourself and not get beat up by bullies smell less talk more eat.

Please okay I’m gonna give you the number of the cafe if you need me you go to the office and use the payphone okay you go mmm-hmm.

I love you you got changed yeah no story tonight I’ll tell you two tomorrow come here sweetie she.

Might need mama trust you she’s not my mom she is now no she just married my dad.

That’s all Martha right yeah Lola hi welcome thank you oh and don’t mind them the only thing they like looking at better than a new woman in town is a new tractor Oh Trudy likes all of us to wear those oh yeah all of us.

Yeah you me and me and you Yeah right you catch on quick that’s a first around here an actual IQ thank you uh where can I put my stuff no just in back all right thank you you know what we need No and I don’t want to.

A tree it’s almost Christmas why won’t be any good Christmas for us yes there we’ll have it by the door how would we open it oh yeah.

By the bed forget the stupid tree and go to sleep it’s not stupid and you go to sleep you’re not the boss of me I am tonight then you have to tell a story I don’t know.

Any Hugh must know one we finally broke down a.

Hide a regular how gene you don’t talk like that nothing by.

It well that’s me just broken down regular one listen.

To him he’s local yeah I never seen anybody order enchiladas smothered and gravy you ain’t live darling I don’t know any stories Mel go to sleep not even a.

Christmas story no all right then I’ll tell you it it was Christmas Eve a really long time ago so long ago and it wasn’t even called Christmas it’s always been called Christmas.

It’s not the first one his name was Joe that’s what people called him it short for Joseph oh and she was Mary and she was going to have a baby and all the animals they passed knew who she was and when Mary and Joe passed.

By them the sheep would go that and the docq and he huh and the dog woof no animal sound that was because the animals knew her baby was gonna be very special.

He was gonna be the most special baby ever born he was going to be a king.

But nobody knew it yet and he was going to save people good people bad people kids grown-ups everybody I thought my marriage was made in heaven well marriages are made.

In heaven but so is thunder and lightning Martha I haven’t heard an old-fashioned name like that in a while it was my grandmother’s name hmm it’s a.

Derivation of Mary you know hmm mother Mary at Christmastime maybe the mother part so is Trudy having.

A hard time keeping this place open well when the economy tanks people don’t eat out as much yeah it’s a small town huh phone book has one page what about the regulars they keep the place going I meant the Karns I don’t seem like really nice people Oh all our regulars are if you don’t count less less mmm McCallum local cattlemen cranky babies are cranky les is miserable like.

An old hamburger patty fizzing and sputtering in his own.

Else should I look out for Joe Hawkins oh yeah he’s miserable too no just the opposite ah you probably want coffee hot chocolate actually Oh.

Can I get you anything else he’s a lemon meringue pie add a piece of Blenheim ring back coming right up how is it I have no idea can’t get a fork oh Clark mrs. Evans Carol Ann Bullington from over at the motel Owens wife yeah what can I do for you there’s been a little problem kind of an accident in your room I think it’s okay kids are fine I best you come see for yourself um no I.

Gotta go something’s come up who’s gonna pay for this what is it what happened what happened I’ll tell you what happened the toilet overflowed and you ruined my carpet oh it’s worth probably yeah a hundred no it ain’t you told me you was gonna rip it out next week not now Carol Ann are you trying to take advantage of this nice.

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