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To take care now you find someone who can or I will throw out the lot of you.

The only thing you’re gonna throw out is your belly it’s like being married to a cement mixer good night Owen good night Carolyn his bark is worse than his bite where am I gonna find a sitter that’ll work late and for cheap I got a stepdaughter genie she’s about 16 all I’ll see if she.

Do it really don’t worry it’ll be all right good night honey thank you sleep tight how was a three-year-old get all that in there she’s stronger than she looks didn’t you put her to sleep yeah she just didn’t stay there in my office now you out miles she was your responsibility.

Baby she was asleep when I fell asleep yeah look I know you were tired but babies they get up in the middle of the night and it’s my fault for not having a crib but you really need to be more cautious.

With your little sister she’s not my sister half-sister then if we would have stayed home and whip and a wafer dad this would not have happened no if we had.

Stayed home we would still be waiting he’s not coming back miles I’m sorry ever I hate this I hate.

You for doing this you were listening hearing there’s a difference be that way you don’t be okay mama oh you should be in bed sweetie God won’t for it is that Christmas know so not you but I think.

He wrote me off a long time ago no God God makes.

You you later you believe it see well you gotta pray though I don’t think I’m very good at that either that’s the easy part you don’t have to be you just have to do it how did you get so smart always after you’ll see this will be the best Christmas ever I love you I love you too baby girl you.

Can we wait till after Christmas no because I want you to get to know your teachers before the term starts and the kids yeah that’s what worries me look miles this is a chance.

For you to start over it doesn’t have to be like it was before okay.

Don’t make fun of me where I look the way I talk look you need to stand up for yourself we need to be proud of who you are and you.

Show them that they’ll respect you laters but more I was a karate master but you’re not you are you and you are someone worth knowing just show them.

Whatever promise won’t do any good and again it might oh my gosh Lily oh my gosh you are ninja baby oh what a mess but you had some trouble last night oh hi I did but everything’s okay that guy dear are you always on duty and always sure you’re wiping like that anyway yeah no she wouldn’t rattling.

OH it’s like yes it’s not always like the brochure right um uh you know see here with the motel I hope not sort of hoping to find a house that I could afford but doesn’t look like that’s gonna stock dumb.

Wire huh oh he’s the local property manager I’m sure he can find something your price range you mean Oh price range sure he can find something he’s got that special help you know know right he’s the local pastor as well.

Oh well dad he’d like to help but heathen like me I haven’t been to church since I was 10 gotta help heathens once in a while I wouldn’t have a congregation well I can ask him drop by the cafe you want I would appreciate that yeah Thank You Martha.

Evans now we’re formally introduced yes we are I guess today’s my.

Lucky day thanks to you everything’s coming my way you know in my line of work if it’s thrown in your direction you’re in the wrong lane that’s true yeah bad cop joke um I’m gonna I’m gonna go Thanks same here by getting it to get from.

Him who was your first day good I did the best in spelling today teachers that I was a good addition to the class oh I did Senor a good addition to glass that’s great all right how about you miles how are you today it’s school right of course what was I thinking listen I owe you a big apology for one for coming down.

So hard on you and you were watching Lily see today she managed to spread peanut butter and jelly.

All over the room while I was sleeping forgiven how about even that works for me thank you Oh Oh why’d you let me sleep so wrong you were tired oh that’s no excuse you.

Used to before I gotta get some dinner going Pizza no again.

Well as soon as I get paid I promise I’ll get us some real groceries why oh we don’t even have a fridge well I’m working on that mama we do need a tree yeah well I’m sure wherever we’re going there’ll be lots of trees in the yard no a Christmas tree here.

Yeah no I can’t afford a Christmas tree and you don’t even.

Have anything to put on it anyway and I’m sure Bullington would have a cow if we brown tree in here a cow would take more room than a tree no hi I’m.

Jeanne – do you come on in now a marriage is here.

What do you meet her and Mary Ellen but you can call me them okay mrs. Evans oh it’s Martha actually my dad wanted me to ask you about the money right um of course the money um right straight to business that’s smart see I’ve only has just started at the cafe so heard you working at the root beer the Trudy’s model a right the same thing used to be called.

The root beer drivin had the best homemade root beer anywhere Oh well I can only pay you $2 an hour and I know that’s under minimum wage and they don’t pay me for another week so I can give you half of it in advance and then the other half when they pay me okay just one week well then I gotta pay your dad the rent and and I gotta get the groceries um I didn’t have.

Much money when we got here $207 cuz daddy.

Took the rest zip it mil $8. it Martha really oh thank you thank you so much I really appreciate that thank you now here’s someone you haven’t met this is Lily come on sweetheart this is our Lily she’s three and she’s full of it full of what it’s just an expression sweetheart I know what she’s full of so why don’t I get my do’s and don’ts for this crew together and you could.

Come back maybe around 10:30 mom says it’ll be good time for me to do my homework oh yeah well good luck with that it can get a little crazy around here better go but yeah all right thank you so much okay she’s nice huh she’s a lifesaver excited gravy’s coming up need more butter you.

Want some heart medicine to go with that cholesterol cut Pony on the truck you ought to take better care of yourself Frank figured maybe I could find somebody do it for me got somebody in mind might be someone.

Is pretty soon there’s always one more imbecile than you counted on sorry I know I’m sorry I had to get my sitter.

Squared away hmm here’s the deal this guy’s behind me just West McAllen is irregular and he’s having what he always has a third of a pound of ground round french fries onions.

And gravy fries and gravy heart attacks special listen Lee just give him one okay died of it in the corner that’s Don – and you’ll be missing him a lot around good night I got this well it looks like you’ve done this before Oh timer -.

How are the kids are they’re managing good and Christmas uh I’m working on that well I put a tip jar out here on the counter everyone will see it don’t.

Do anything about it but they’ll see it okay see most of the zoo.

Will be in tonight oh that should be interesting so tell me about yourself.

None of my business but if you wanted.

To share you got all night oh I’ve been married twice first one lasted long enough for me to have a daughter and then.

For my 30th birthday I got a new husband didn’t be here later baby you don’t waste any time do you I wish I had he’s the original bad boy.

With a truckload of friends to match handsome as sin cowboy cal evans didn’t know much about the sin part then though he could take over a room just by.

Into it you know and then last week he took almost everything that wasn’t nailed down and emptied the bank accounts and ran off with the local beauty school graduate so when did things go bad new of homework did it you did not mind your own business bed in 20 minutes you go brush your teeth I knew.

This would happen what you figured no rules wrong why are you doing this you ain’t making squat I like your mom she’s not my mom what.

Carol Ann’s not my biological mom either but she loves me look at you what have you got to complain about.

She’s taking care of you isn’t she cuz she has to know she doesn’t she could have dumped you off of the state where’s your dad he left last week two weeks before Christmas so seems pretty cold to leave your family at Christmastime he’ll find me Martha didn’t leave you though did she might want to think about that will you tell us a Christmas story yeah so can I get you anything.

Else coffee tea pie the cherries are fresh cherry pie no I’m trying to cut back it’s Martha right uh yeah Joe Hopkins told you this afternoon he says you’re looking for a rental yes do you have anything that you think someone like me can afford yeah I think I might have one possibility oh yeah I won’t know until I talk to the owner so.

Why don’t you give me a call and we’ll see thanks.

Buster now listen you and the children are more than welcome to join us.

A church oh I don’t know I don’t know if your church would still be standing if I stepped in a real.

Sinner huh it’s the slow learner well listen we’re all a little slow around here so you’ll fit right.

In but it was a very special Christmas tree a magical tree some said the only one of its kind a special tree that bloomed for the first time when Mary’s child was born that’s the cat tree we need but it wasn’t like any other tree this tree only bloomed on Christmas Day and the second Christmas day was over it disappeared for a whole nother year it doesn’t sound like any Christmas tree I’ve ever seen that’s because it’s a bet for him they have a different trees there a Christmas tree is.

A Christmas tree I like your story Guinea Thank You Mel now your little ones go to sleep not another day at school yeah not again.

It’s going all right hi hi got a minute uh actually I was gonna call you what’s so problem it was on my way listen I talked to Clarice Miller she said that she’d consider renting it out.

For six months really how much 500 I can’t afford that I figured that so if you’re.

Clean her house once a week and take off 150 a month 350 I know it’s difficult for you living by yourself having three kids no what’s difficult is living on my own with three kids in a motel room tell her I can’t pay or till after Christmas I told her she’ll hold up for you through the first week of January oh you thought of everything I’ll ever know thank you burgers medium-well hates our burgers okay how.

From a chicken right no fish eggs how do you want them on a plate brah over easy toast white how about to drink oh no coffee black I’ll do my own sugar if I had a spoon and some ketchup so how are you holding up huh on nodos and scotch tape you do really need to get some rest though yeah I will as soon as I get the kids fed and then to school and.

And the babies up so hmm Lola told me all about it he left you nothing just the kids but the girls you know they’re doing great they’re okay it’s uh miles is struggling a bit his only biological parent left no he’s not yours he is now well there’s only one thing you can do what’s that I love him even when he doesn’t want you to which is most of the time yeah he has no problem reminding me that I am NOT his mother he was really hurt when his dad.

Left him he’s better off amen amen now I sound like Mel she’s our little believer she’s absolutely convinced that Jesus is gonna make everything okay because.

Is here ah faith of a child I don’t really have much Christmas spirit myself boy stop my husband died at Christmas oh I’m sorry he was the love of my life when we were married 43 years and we hardly spent a day apart he was always underfoot you know like a kid and then one day he just up and dies.

On me in Christmas city I was sure he didn’t want to well I need to ask him about that when I see him up there do you believe in up there I suppose I’m still pretty upset with God for taking him from me maybe you can tell that when you see him I should have.

Long time ago but it’s the only thing I have left – Sam we did really well for a while Sam made the best root beer come here I want to show you it’s been ten years since you’ve been in here no since Sam’s last batch of root beer I really don’t know why I’ve kept it all so long maybe you’re keeping it to possibly make another batch no Sam made the root beer.

Point no matter what Reverend Mayer says oh you know what he he said he might have a place for us to rent where um the Miller house clarice Miller the Brazilian buzzsaw and I haven’t met her.

She is like one of those fish that live in the Amazon River you know the one with teeth and mate Oh a piranha that’s her all teeth and all mouth and the only thing she cares about is herself and money Oh how much 350 but I have to clean for it get it in.

Writing what are those there oh well that’s uh some junk I was gonna get rid of can I have it it’s junk everything go ahead thank you.

Hey how’d it go what we’re getting used to each other okay yeah here I’ve made a few extra tips than usual last night and what’s this my IOU side inundated you didn’t need to do that I trust you that’s not a matter of trust it’s a matter of integrity I’m just so grateful that.

You’re helping me out on your nights off well it’s helping me to no I’m getting homework done I’m not spending as much money as I used to great I just wanted to let you know I didn’t know about it until.

It’s too late what well I fell asleep around midnight when I woke up this morning to feed the baby it was already there but I gotta go have I.

Kind of grows on you huh I still need some more colors why Mel isn’t Christmas without a tree but we don’t own this room we’re gonna be here for.

Christmas isn’t it wonderful you have to erase it the former marker where did you get colored markers school I just borrowed them you said we can’t afford a real one besides I think this is.

You are you gonna take us to school we’re gonna have to talk about this later Mel you can help if you want going anywhere did you see his lip he uses your makeup to cover it trout No Oh miles we’re going to the principal I’m not ratting it’s not ratting when somebody beats you up one punch isn’t getting beat up why didn’t you tell me they called me out stuttering the four-eyes and that isn’t gonna train we’ll talk about this on the way but no miles get in the car now oh.

We’re not going anywhere why is that Oh No mama what is it oil pan looks like that expensive could be a couple of hundred dollars I don’t have a couple hundred dollars I could have a toad where I can’t afford that either well you can’t leave it here there’s something else that we should talk about that what I got a call from mistake today there’s a construction crew coming in I’m gonna need all my rooms oh well the state pays full rate now a month in advance that I can’t pass that up sorry.

You’re kicking us out the day after Christmas yeah relocating get the car moved you watch stop I’m sorry I had car trouble.

We go I know I’m sorry but I got a pickaxe s what can you do thank you I’m grateful I do want you to stay after your shift today and.

Help Lily we’re gonna do a deep-clean of the kitchen countertops everything sure but it’s overtime Oh hamburger is it cooked okay that’s not media well well I can take it back so how you liking it around here fine no that’s at all uh well I haven’t had time to explore kids liking well my daughter does but my my boy he’s having some trouble and push him around boom yeah something like that how come well he’s a little small for his.

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