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Age and he wears glasses isn’t Scudders huh yeah how did you know probably.

That Park kid my grandson had the same problem when I straighten him out bring your boy around here sometime I hope he’ll well I don’t want him fighting hmm he won’t be I think I saw your car parked up the interstate turn off there um are you sure it was mine well they’re not too many old blue.

Caddies around here I had some car trouble y’all remove it I I can’t right now I I can’t afford to plus your choice burger hey guy that’s looking pretty good it’s from your story no this one’s better than my.

Tree how do you know because it was my story what happened to your eye I ran into something yeah Danny perks fist is he bothering you no but I simply bothering him you should tell your mom at least someone cares what can I get you um does Lola have any of that chili.

See he’s better than my desperate radar and louder you know when I was a kid.

The root beer was the place to hang out yeah Friday Saturday night you could even find a parking spot yeah really great car hops there I always wanted to do that Carl yeah too old now though not from where I’m sitting it.

Was it was a magical place yeah house uh well if um you needed help in something or you wanted to meet that special somebody you just can do the root beer and made a wish and would come true now I would love that story no my daughter Mary.

Ellen’s short for Mary Ellen now but she loves stories with magical stuff in it so did you ever make a wish yeah yeah one she didn’t work out well.

Being singles not so bad I’m not single I’m romantically challenged thank you just my laughs this isn’t bad.

Either oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean I don’t know I think we both have baggage right yeah I guess so here you go are you okay it’s good it’s it’s good hey do you wanna go see a movie.

Sometime I’ll go get some dinner would you yeah it’s the general idea it I don’t know it was them I don’t know why it was so yeah no thank you have a good night with you are so stupid hmm I don’t need your help he’s a stud I couldn’t I thought you said he ran off with a beautician he did but it’s not divorced no you’re divorced you just haven’t gone to court yet which means I’m still.

Married do you know why most women would rather have Beauty than brains why.

Because most men can see better than they can think but Joe Hopkins is the whole package wall-to-wall handsome soft-spoken very important honest to a fault and single and you said no because I made a.

Vow Lola so did he well I’m keeping mine besides I know what people think now don’t worry about what people think they don’t do it very often hey how come he never got married huh almost did she left him the day before the wedding that’s awful I don’t think he’s ever really gotten over it I can imagine he’s never forgiven women or himself since in fact you are the first person I’ve seen him even taken interest in the destitute mother of three yeah go figure Oh what is this I didn’t say anything you don’t.

Make a big deal oh my gosh how can I not make a big.

Deal I’ll handle this please I have a possible 1087 I’m gonna need a tow on the corner of State Street and mapleton Boulevard hey miles what are you doing home so early you think it would matter this close to Christmas whoa hey that’s pretty good it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be yeah I know you want to help her there’s the tree he’ll be our.

Surprise need something for the flowers you know what I think I have the right thing about that cool very cool yeah does fitting make you feel like Christmas doesn’t it yeah it does it’s beautiful you hoped I did the crib and the baby stuff really yeah Lily it was my model this will be the best Christmas ever hey.

My mom sent me Lola sick and can’t make it in and Trudy’s visiting her sister and Blanding okay um well could you watch melon Lily miles can help I can well can’t you sure yeah okay who’s started to coffee I need something to drink oh thanks uh listen.

We need a cook do you know anyone I might long as hamburgers hamburgers huh you got a problem with that no is this the 101 what never mind um les the grill please mmm thank you okay give me a coat all right I want.

You to meet him and greet him smile and say thanks for coming oh good we’re just wherever it’s empty okay thanks buddy how are you guys doing tonight no.

Way that’s good hamburger then I will have the pie well I really recommend the ground round oh hi it’s fun I called it shepherd’s pie I say friend brings out the color my eyes don’t you think you don’t want to know what I think keep it that way gives well Lowe is sick so I had to improvise so you.

Brought in stolen as the chef nice well we’re selling a lot of hamburger.

Um listen I’m I want to apologize for the other night no you don’t know anything well I feel like there’s something I need.

To explain you you don’t have to want me anything technically I’m still married oh I thought uh I thought when you said that I guess it doesn’t really matter what I thought is it no it does just there’s something you don’t understand you don’t need to explain anything I promise any more orders you call your mom Martha she’s not my mom she looks after you don’t she yeah well then she’s your mom treat her accordingly why do you care why don’t least.

About a spoiled kid like you I’m not spoiled oh yes you are that’s why those Punk’s pick on me I know that you have a hard time talking and you wear glasses so you think you have a tough time well you don’t how do you know cuz I was your age once yeah Owen there were.

Dinosaurs you want to know a simple way to stop him I’ll.

Take that as a yes come here now I once knew a man little fella work in the bank he got in some kind of trouble and they sent him to jail well a minute he got there it was just awesome cuz the worst bully in the joint Harris this guy he stole his food he opened his mail he never gave that little guy a break Oh what did he do he went crazy what do you mean well that wouldn’t fella got one of the guards to warn the bully.

All about he said that little banker was a cycle City he did terrible things to people that’s why was.

In jail he said that little bankers most dangerous man he ever saw he said if anybody pushes him over the edge he’s gonna pay for it big time it was just a story yep because most of the time what people seem like is a lot more important than what they are like you.

Understand maybe that little man put a piece of alka-seltzer under his tongue fold up like it was woman like a doll and if a bully thinks it he’s got.

A real fight on his hands well he’s not gonna want to continue no the biggest troublemaker you’re ever gonna have to deal with in life he’s watching you from that mirror every morning you understand yeah good boy hey miles you need to get some sleep we’re.

Not gonna have any more customers tonight okay oh that’s all this for its for making a root beer looks like a recipe and maybe we could try it sometime listen you need to get to bed you can sleep on the couch okay and I want to say thank you you were great today all right anymore oh.

I think we’re done hmm what’s that boy here’s one for Christmas ooh he hasn’t said much I didn’t ask that I don’t know you’d probably want some homemade root beer he’s a man.

I couldn’t know your arm broke those kids deserve Christmas thank you oh come on clean up oh uh Trudy has a we’ll get together Christmas Eve just down early bring kids thanks I will oh thanks we did good thank that you might want to ride you were waiting for us I didn’t pound your car oh why don’t you tell me would it have made a difference might be able to save you to another impound fee thanks for telling me you want a ride no.

Locking is good for the soul not writings good to hopping you know Christmas stuff oh we’re gonna be late oh okay it’s a half day told you can miss if you wanna I changed my mind oh we can finish it tonight okay love you bye Lily what are we gonna do today did you make it when I told you sure did.

Do this okay I wasn’t expecting you need to talk to you she wants more money for the house no but she has decided she doesn’t want to win it now but I’ll keep looking it’s probably just to waste your time no helping folks is never a waste of time Danny you’d better not bother him today is wimp-boy afraid no psycho huh I tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t listen I’ll make.

Him listen no you don’t understand he’s dangerous real dangerous I’m afraid he’ll hurt someone again again last time this happened we had a move do you think we like you here we have to be here what do you mean too late hide -.

Warned you I can’t believe that worked God helps you do that you know or is even before probably waiting for you to make the first move no come on Oh mr. Bullington recommen come out the baby’s sleeping something’s come up state workers they’re coming in tomorrow and I need your room.

It’s Christmas Eve I already took an advance where are we gonna go you might try over to sleep you in over to Mayfield I don’t have a car I got no choice I’m sorry is that what you want Joe what you really want I think is what you should want to let’s go to my place I still have a few things.

Consider okay yeah okay it is beautiful this is gonna be the best Christmas ever.

Actually this was our last night here what what are we going to go I haven’t figured that out yet I was hoping that we could get that house that mr. Meyer told us about but we can’t it’s okay I don’t even have Christmas presents for you guys what about these that’s not much we weren’t expecting anything we’re gonna have to.

Paint over the tree why because it wouldn’t be right to leave it here like this but he’s the one who making us get out whether mr. Bullington is right or wrong it.

Doesn’t matter it’s what we do that’s what’s.

Important no it’s your tree well paint over it when you go home cafe closes early tonight you guys wanna come with me your nilly just some covering.

Are you okay you don’t look fine oh I’m just trying to iron out some of the bugs got it mmm I love this place yeah it does kind of grow on you doesn’t it I’m saving up to buy it seriously and still a couple of grams short oh well you’ll find it I doubt that.

My head with both hands you have family here not here huh so you’re spending Christmas alone not alone does that mean it just means that her in Franco.

Rasmussen yes he has he has very hidden qualities how are you um fine there’s something she’s not telling us what nothing it’s just that Miller or lady she’s not gonna rent us the house why am I not surprised you’re not she.

Was here she was she was with somebody who Jo ah that poor boy can’t think for himself Lee she’s around Joe knows her oh she’s a horse’s patoot they were engaged and she broke it off she’s the one that left him at the altar every silicon square inch and now there looks like it huh well maybe they’ll work it out I doubt that he’s normal and she’s a South American Looney tune do you have to say this has been more like old times around here than a very long.

You have a lot to do with that Martha me oh I don’t think so no she’s right you have made a difference I’ve been here what ten days sometimes that’s all it takes well ladies use your bonus checks it’s not much but it’s all I could afford I don’t know how to tell you this but I can’t make a go of this place I’m gonna close it hi.

Good well it isn’t much but everybody pitched in Merry Christmas thank you I don’t know what to say well don’t say nothing brought the boys but you might like these like Sam used to make you made it for me say thank you.

He the boy can talk Thanks I could teach you how to make it yeah thank you hey Christmas Martha we love you it sounds like old confident Sam Merry Christmas darling Merry Christmas and remember everybody as welcome at the church annual Christmas breakfast in the morning we are so glad that you came to this town well isn’t this nice Steve oh yeah real nice stand back what are you doing here well now I didn’t want to miss a little gathering I’m a boy right there mouse I told.

Everybody oh you would come back you you are hard one down baby still look good though you’re not why don’t you slip into something more comfortable like unconsciousness hey you know baby a reason to get angry yeah I was expecting you.

To still be in her place he left huh I’m not the one who left well no matter no but I just came to get you some stuff Bob said all and you’ll go yeah yeah all of us there you go how did you stop by the hotel picked up your stuff you broke in well doors open sort of hotel managers right obliged enough it Timbuk didn’t erdan either let’s go buddy come on I’m sorry family cow don’t do this he needs a stable home.

We see you now need a good daddy still you daddy right buddy I I told everybody that you would come back I’m gonna talk.

About sent the address on paper let’s go Bob I’m so sorry.

Is there anything I can do don’t worry honey I’ll uh I’ll take the girls I think come here sweetie girls gone taking a walk thank you what about you.

Mama just go with them okay.

Do you really need to be more cautious.

With your little sister she’s not my sister half-sister them if we would have stayed home.

Oh we’re for dad this would not have happened why didn’t you tell me don’t make a big deal oh she’s not my mom she is now no my dad that’s all you want to help her finish the tree they’ll be our surprise Oh God God makes you how you get sleepy later you believe in well you gotta pray though I don’t think I’m very good at that either that’s the easy part you don’t have to be you just have to do it good I know I haven’t read before there isn’t anything else I can.

Do I’ve done everything I can I can’t lose miles I’ve never asked for any handouts and I never broke down I did.

Everything that I thought was right I don’t care about me I care about miles I love him so much and he doesn’t deserve any of this none of this is his fault if you’re gonna punish somebody punish me.

Please don’t let him go with cattle I’m begging you please help me very shy – I see husbands Mary’s child it’s hard and sold berries child God’s greatest gift he Mary’s child God’s grace you the door was locked you forget something yeah okay um well what is it I’ll get it for you you what and he told me not not to do that – what this he. four eyes smiles if I didn’t quit my house I am so sorry give it out it was the one the baby really nothing she called me that always has something you said it to stand up.

For myself every part of who I am I had and others would be I told him to take without each other at the cafe but you weren’t there how did you get here he brought me Cal Oh thank you I wanted to show you something I came by the cafe I found miles.

Instead he filled me in sort of what is it from wants to come see once you very though it’s supposed to snow what’s all.

Everybody pitched in pitched in yeah.

This is Clarice Miller’s house Joe talked her into renting it to you the pastor and the congregation in most of it that ain’t all Frank wasn’t as bad as it first looked what wasn’t Jack it’s all fixed and Leroy over to the garage he found out another thing what that.

Jack’s a worthless piece of junk no special month only 600 of them ever made cars worth maybe five thousand five thousand dollars Jack’s worth $5,000 oh there’s one other thing it looks like the rootbeer driving is gonna open again who’s doing that me and Frank are buying it but we’re really gonna need some help are you interested.

Are you kidding me and something melts go on Taylor uh sorry about earlier you know kicking you out and that mixed up with that fellow.

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