Xzrs: Benjamin Radford – From Mysteries Of New Mexico, To The Crystal Skulls And Much More.

Benjamin Radford is my guest this our explanation www.
com it’s a science magazine a research fellow with the committee for skeptical inquirer author of over a thousand articles on a wide variety of topics including urban legends the paranormal critical thinking and media literacy author of eight books and Counting board games ten Wow IIIi cranked out two of them since.

The last break my god you’re good what can I say a board game creator film director science-based paranormal and all-around nice guy once again his website is Benjamin Radford common Benjamin as I said during the.

Break always look forward to having you on great talking to you and congratulations on all the great things that.

You’re doing thank I appreciate it yeah it’s um it’s I always enjoy be on your show it’s it’s you know you get a chance to just just talk and and you know just just chat about fun stuff and it’s sometimes.

It’s for academic sometimes just a little little lighter it is it’s great I always enjoy listening to conversations between two people who were talking about interesting things and so at least you are I’m I’m not sure about myself but you are oh we have a good time that’s what that’s what I.

Believe radio should be like you should have a good time you don’t need to have this close-set format right you know it just and and when we’re getting new guests on who have never done an interview oh I see just imagine just imagine meeting a friend at a coffee shop sitting down having a coffee discussing something.

Mm-hmm and that’s what works for for most people everybody knows about the Roswell crash who has any interest in UFOs whatsoever but what about I’ve heard of a crash as too yes tell us about that Nick yeah you know Aztec was yeah as I mentioned with with when people think UFOs in New Mexico they go right to Roswell it’s you know.
It’s it’s by far the best known crash anywhere in the world.

Of course and certainly New Mexico but many few people have heard about the the Aztec crash even though in many ways it’s it’s um it’s it’s even more interesting if you can believe it and.

Aztec is a tiny little town up by the Four Corners area and that’s the that’s in the the sort of northwest area where the four different state meet and sort of a little crosshair it’s a cute little thing clicking they have there and there’s a small little town of Aztec New Mexico and and the story goes it’s sort of a long story I’ll.

I’ll sort of try and summarize but basically the story goes that in 1948 and again this is a year after the Roswell crash and you’re also year after of.

Course Kenneth Arnold who the first person to to have a high-profile nationwide sighting of different things that were later miss miss miss inaccurately described as flying saucers that was the first.

Time that flying saucers entered the public lexicon it was actually there was a mistake by the journalist he was actually describing how they moved not what they looked like but so anyway this is right around that same era and the story goes that that there was.
A extraterrestrial craft was was was coming.

Through the state and there were radar sites that tracked it and something apparently happened to it maybe it hit a tree or ran out of gas.

Don’t really know what they do but it it crashed and this was discovered soon and immediately of course the government came in store the world’s top scientists if you picture the end of in later Lost Ark where they say you know top men so the top men showed up along with the soldiers and police officers everything and they they were the the they found the saucer that was ninety nine point nine nine feet in diameter not a hundred feet that’s that’s a whole different sizes this was.

Ninety-nine point nine nine and they were circling this thing and apparently one of the windows was broken out and for so for two days they couldn’t figure out how to get into it and they had a long stick that apparently they were poking at the control panel and they hit a button or something in the the latch popped open and inside were were a bunch of aliens and there were there.

Were 16 bodies and they were they were described as being very human-like but between three and three and a half feet tall and they were clothed in this sort of mysterious.

Old type of clothing but it was indestructible.

So it was this strange metallic thing that was you know couldn’t be burned or torn or.

Anything and another thing that was noted was the aliens all had perfect teeth okay so they know a good dentist on Venus.

Apparently that yes it was so well it was it was believed by somebody there that that because because the saucer was 99.
99 fene diameter that that’s somehow indicated.

That it was a Venusian or Venusian origin well what wasn’t George demske into the venetians he was yeah Adamski was was.

All about that and course he made his uh his.

Series of photographs which are certainly these days not.

Not looked at pon too favorably but a Adamski and yeah this is this is around the era when these things were very much in the popular consciousness anyway so again it’s sort of it’s a long story but basically what happened was that the this story came to light.

Because of basically two people one of them was going to Silas Newton and Silex Newton was an oil man and he was sort.

Of he spent a lot of time in oil fields and trying to get investors to do things and and he came across a.

Story he pitched it to a guy named Frank Scully and Frank Scully was a reporter.

In Hollywood and he wrote for variety in fact Scully is where Chris.

Carter got the name for the x-files right and from Frank Scully and Newton had known Scully for a while and Scully heard the story of this with me using crashed flying saucer out in.

This tiny little town outside Aztec and he.

He want to know more about it and and so Newton said okay well I’ll tell you about it but I can’t give you any any solid evidence because of course it’s the cover-up because you know as soon as.

The the men in black came they took it all I told her buddy to shut up but he said I can I can let you speak to an anonymous scientist who was there exactly and this anonymous scientist was called dr. G met with Frank Scully and was incredibly impressed and dr.

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