Xzrs: Benjamin Radford – From Mysteries Of New Mexico, To The Crystal Skulls And Much More.

Of the world top scientist and he had you know more degrees than a thermometer and he was you know he’d been involved in top-secret things.

And he was he was called to.

The crash site because of his expertise and he was the person that you know actually handled and saw the dead alien bodies and flashed off from this and that and and Scully loved the store he’s like this is oh my god this is this is amazing so he began writing articles for variety and he later I.

Wrote a book that was very popular and influential basically eat with his anonymous source dr. G and no real evidence but what was odd about it was that dr. G and and Silas Newton they weren’t really that interested in aliens and they were.

Like oh you know it’s not right math interesting they were more interested in getting investors all right Craig yeah we caught it all right there my producer thought he’d be smart and throwing the x-files theme so so yeah so the the idea was that and that.

This actually surprised Scully.

Because he’s like well you know you’re telling me about this you know you you you saw these crashed alien bodies and stuff and he’s like yeah that that’s what we really want to do it’s like here’s the thing so so dr. G talked about how he had taken.

Some of the technology from the from the flying saucer and put it into something called a Doodlebug apparently this this is this seem plausible in 1948 and in the end so Newton and dr. G were getting investors to invest in these in these devices which according to Newton and dr. G could detect oil because again.

In science news an oil man it could also detect water and it could also diagnose medical problems yeah I know right it slices it dices there’s pretty much nothing this little device couldn’t do because of the the recovered the recovered alien technology and so based upon this Newton. G went around telling people that they they had this this device and it was in it but something about the size of a shoebox they.

Had little dials and knobs on it and they said okay no this is this is made from Venusian technology and it can always detect oil.

You know better than anything else and you know we can find these sorts of things just give us money well invest in it but they said you can look at it but don’t open it yeah it sounds like the the the that truth-o-meter that they use at the Church of Scientology eggs it was very much like you need it yes but here’s the.

And in this case they said okay but you can’t open it because the technology is so secret that there’s explosives in it and if you open.

If you open the latch it will explode and it was like okay uh-huh so.

They they paid so many investors paid a bunch.

Of money to Silas Newton and dr. G who was later determined to be gunning joob our to invest in this.

Alien technology would help them become.

The South in the southwest so this eventually came to the attention of a journalist by name GP con K Ahn who’s whose skepticism was shall we say piqued by this story and I’ll cut to the chase GP con investigated for the San Francisco Chronicle and eventually exposed both jus Bauer and Silas Newton as the con men that they obviously were and they ended up being convicted of fraud unbelievable and it’s been a great hour with you been as it always is take.

Care of my friend continued success and I can’t wait till the next.

Time you and I chat here in the exone from our broadcast Center in studio until then be well be safe and be happy alright next oh and I’ll be back on the other side of this commercial break with the news.

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Today simultaneity B today sign up at sign will t be calm do it today Benjamin Radford is my guest of the sour www.com would use Bigfoot as a laborer and at night the miners would have their way with the female members of the Bigfoot race I that doesn’t not does not entirely shocked me but I I didn’t know that that’s that’s fascinating.

I it all kind of fits I mean you know he was very excitable guy um and I can totally see him being sort of latching on to some wild idea and just pursuing it so that’s uh that’s that’s fascinating yeah so you know my standard joke was you.

Know the difference between a dog and a Fox’s is in seven Jack Daniels but now it’s the difference between a dog and a sasquatch seven Jack Daniels well there you go and of course.

As you know one of one of if not the most famous story of some shall we say dalliance –is with bit witha Sasquatch was up in up in BC with Albert Ostman yeah a Canadian a prospector I think if I’m not mistaken about what was he.

Prospecting for some some hot big feet I guess uh yeah it can be kind of cold up here in Canada as.

You well know but it’s okay now our prime minister saw it fit to legalize marijuana.

So I’m sure that’s going to change things well Allah SWA fee anytime if.

You want to send Justin down here you know I’ll trade you at the drop of a hat you know what if I could I would if I could I.

Would just for you won’t even take Belinda Stronach at.

This point I mean whatever whoever you got out there just just sends somebody on out oh wait a sec hold on.

You’ve got you’ve got William Shatner and you you’ve got you know all the Canadian actors down there.

Now you want our prime minister go ahead cincin send us an Geddy Lee down.

Here I’d love to have him run things around here for.

A while yeah well he’s a great singer Guns N’Roses yep okay you know why did you write.

The book on the mysteries of New Mexico when you’ve written you know you’ve.

The world you’ve been across.

The United States several times why mysterious New Mexico what do you know that the rest of us don’t know that’s actually a good question you know part of it was that I had I had previously written a.

Book for you and impressed one of my publishers University of New Mexico press and.

I did one as you know on the chupacabra yeah and that you know took a couple years and it was a pretty in-depth investigation it was it was a you know a.

Good investigative piece there and and my editor there a guy named Clark who was talking to me and said well what do you have next and I said well you know I’ve you know I’ve always got I’m always being asked to do some investigation maybe it’s you know genies or UFOs or monster whatever else and and he said well you know and I talked about Loch Ness and different stuff I’d done he so what about what about something you know here in your own backyard and.

And I hadn’t really thought about it it’s one of those things where you know it’s you know when you live in a place.

It just everything sort of just becomes background you know sometimes it takes a friend or a stranger coming here to point out the things that you you walk by every day and.

He said yeah you know I mean there’s all sorts of weird things that I said yeah I.

Don’t I don’t want to Roswell Roswell been done to death he said no another you know just you said he just said you know just spend some time look around and sure enough he was right and so I realized that there so many mysteries and there’s so much high strangeness I hear in my own home state that was literally my backyard and I said yeah.

Let me let me turn some of my someone by investigation into a book and and I I had actually done several the investigations beforehand I just hadn’t sort of had that thought to sort of combine them into a book specifically about mysteries miracles and myths and.

Legends in New Mexico so that’s that’s what I did what was the most mysterious the most mysterious event that you discovered that shocked even you oh that’s.

A that’s a good question um you know I would have to say there’s a couple that I really deal with in the book one of the most mysterious ones that I was surprised at how it turned out was I was asked to look into miracle healings and I investigate miracles on occasion if it’s if it’s something that’s sort of within my bailiwick and.

I was actually on a guest on a TV show called miracle detectives a couple years back it was on Oprah’s network show yeah it was pretty good I don’t think I think Oprah network is long gone but I was on there once.

Or twice and and I got a email.

Out of the blue from somebody who had seen me on that TV show and said you know I I was healed by miracle dirt can you investigate and I said okay and so I looked.

Into it and as it turns out there is a church up in northern New Mexico about an hour and.

A half Northey here and it is it is said to have it’s called Chimayo and it’s said to have theirs it’s a beautiful.

Old church it’s you know one of the oldest in certainly in southwest right old Adobe just you know gorgeous old place and there’s one particular room that has a hole in the floor and there is.

A it’s basically sand and dirt underneath it and the story is and I’d occasionally heard this you know just growing up you know people talk about the the the the pilgrimages there so once the year they.

Have you know for for Easter and all that um and but I hadn’t really paid much attention to the the miraculous healings it was just I’d heard about it but it was you didn’t really enter my radar something that I could or should research but in this case I had somebody who was who had contacted me all of their own volition saying I was cured by.

This miracle dirt you know can you can you validate this so it’s kind of a long story I won’t go to the whole thing it’s one of.

The chapters in the book but it was it was fascinating so I.

Met the guy guy named Armando and and he his story just briefly was that he had been severely burned he just come home from military service and he he was he was here in.

New Mexico and he there was a flash fire and somebody had knocked over some oil and just basically or actually was a fumes and it just exploded up and he was according to his story who was badly burned third-degree burns over most of his body and he said that he’d.

Gotten bandaged up and and the whole thing and that he had gone and this this all happened I’m freaking the dad was in the 50s I believe and he he had been taken and insisted on going to the church because he was a very devout Catholic where he had rubbed this this dirt on his wounds and he said that within a few days he was he was almost entirely healed and so that was a that was an interesting ki I didn’t really know what to do with it and I.

Ended up consulting with medical doctors and and researching as much as I could what what actually you know.

Happened to him and trying to piece it back together because again by the time I had heard the story it.

Was decades old and so I had to try and I met with him and his wife and they didn’t have any records to go back that far and so it was a it was a fascinating case but to what medical what did the medical professionals say about the the possibility of this dirt having any effect on on his wounds well that there are a couple aspects to it well the first one was that I soon realized or I discovered that that I don’t think I’m giving away any secrets here.

But they they actually truck in sand that’s where so it’s not as if it’s not as if you know this the dirt miraculously reappears after people take it out they in fact if you go behind the church there’s a huge pile of sand Marty you bring it in and put it back in the hole and the people take.

It out and so I did some research into you know what what what’s the.

Possibility this dirt actually has miraculous healings and and there were a couple answers one of them is that frankly again given that it’s actually dirt that’s trucked.

In from elsewhere and in place there and then taken out by the devout right um it’s mostly sand and there’s there’s not much there I mean there are there is some some clay there’s calcium carbonate that’s you know might some people might use to for upset stomach things like that one of the one ingredient pepto-bismol for example but in terms of in.

Terms of actually putting it on a topical wound there really wasn’t much much validity to that and another interesting aspect is that if you go to.

The church there’s rows and rows of crutches and so the the implication is that you know people have not only been.

Healed of for example you know bad burns right but you know they’re they’re they.

Suddenly being able to walk again so it was it was interesting so I one of the first things was to try and piece together how bad was the original burn and in in and could it have been it was it actually a third-degree burn or was it like a first-degree burn in which case and is it turned out I don’t want to spoil the.

Ending the story but as it turned out what he described was much more likely to be what’s called a flash fire which is which is what can be certainly.

Very very painful but it’s not it doesn’t have it’s basically if you combust fumes so you know he wasn’t doused in gasoline Toomes it exploded and so so piecing back together it turned out.

That almost certainly his original wounds and his burns were not as bad as he remembered no I’m sorry yeah I’m sorry Ben stand by you and I have to take a break XO nation Benjamin Radford is our special guest and i-i’ve heard of men going to gentleman.

Clubs and getting flash burns as well from sitting too close to the brass pole we’ll be back on the other side of this break dunk away you from our broadcast studios in Hamilton.

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For more information visit www.gov welcome back everyone Benjamin Radford’s our special guest and if you’d.

Like to contact Benjamin or if you would like to buy any of his books visit its great website it’s WWF in German Radford dot-com.

Ben in chapter 3 you investigated the mysterious crystal skulls now besides talking about Lloyd’s PI star child the.

Only crystal skull that that I’m aware of is the mitchell-hedges skull yes what do you know about that’s Cola and the other skulls what significance do they play in society if any besides being very ornamental door stoppers whether they are beautiful pieces they I have to say yeah.

You know exactly as you point out the.

The most famous crystal skull in the world is the the one by mitchell-hedges one owned by mitchell-hedges I think that the daughter Anna died a few years back is not mistaken yeah and I think she lived in Canada she did in Kitchener that’s right that’s right glad my.

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