Xzrs: Benjamin Radford – From Mysteries Of New Mexico, To The Crystal Skulls And Much More.

So you know I’ve always been fascinated crystal skulls and because they’re just inherently amazing objects right I mean whatever whatever you may think of they’re you know reputed New Age Origins I mean some people believe that they come.

From Atlantis some people believe they have certain powers and they can heal and and the mitchell-hedges skull that you mentioned that was said.

To have the power to kill well wasn’t there wasn’t there a big controversy about it wasn’t it wasn’t it this wasn’t it actually.

The Bernie Smith skull that that the mitchell-hedges actually acquired somehow yeah there’s a hole we could do a whole episode just on that it’s it’s a fascinating history but yeah basically you know it’s that the mitchell-hedges skull was supposed to have been found by FA Mike mitchell-hedges who was sort.

Of a British rocontour explorer man-about-town back in the back in the in the 50s you see our nation’s did.

You see how eloquently our guests described mitchell-hedges like I.

Just say he was a bloody idiot but well I you know I he’s dead so we can we can say.

Like fraud con man but you know this is a.

Canadian podcast I’m trying to be polite this is a radio show sir oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean this is a Canadian show so but no so you know the story goes and is you know it’s again it’s a fascinating rich story you’ve got you’ve.

Got this this Explorer who’s talking about how he came back from Belize at the time it was British Honduras yeah and he tells this very ornate story I think that one of his books was taught was called danger my Ally which is a book that I want to rip off that title is an awesome title if nothing else the man could title a book did you ever read the sequel uh I don’t know that I did was.

Called danger my ass okay pulling together yes so so so he he tells this this story about going to the season the the lost ruins of lubaantun in the in the in the Belizean jungle and I’ve been to believe several times and yes in the jungle region not.

Too far from there actually uh and there are actual you know ruins there and and he apparently did spend some time there and he he tells the story of how actually he told a couple different stories I’ll just give you one quick one he says that that he was there with his daughter Anna who at the time I think was eight or ten or.

Something accompanying her her her her her amazingly adventurous non conman father into the jungles there and wait a sec wait a sec wait a sec bet I thought you said she went with with mitchell-hedges yes FA Mike Mitchell hedges are her non conman.

Father that’s what threw me off the non-park okay yeah sorry about that it didn’t mean to throw you off there so so they told again they told several different stories as you know one of them was that they.

Were there and she was being mischievous little girl I think it was actually her birthday in cording one of the stories and and she saw a glimmer of light somewhere deep inside the cavernous thing and.

And they lowered her down inch by inch in a very suitably melodramatic style reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark so she she like yes you.

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