Xzrs: Benjamin Radford – From Mysteries Of New Mexico, To The Crystal Skulls And Much More.

Know far away rats.

That after after all this derring-do she she grasped this skull again something straight out of a Spielberg film and was hoisted up and she held this Crystal.

Skull aloft and the natives who you can imagine were in in.

Her telling we’re sort of so reverential they fell to their feet this.

You know wearing probably grass skirts or something and just you know profess their lives to this woman do you know why they fell to their feet because they thought the other guy dropped her and they were happy to see her alive so they they tell this story and this is story that mitchell-hedges.

Told and then Anna later on told and and again they told several contradictory stories about how exactly they found this thing but the the true story is that it.

Was basically bought from a collector.

And then it was it was pond and then Anna bought it back from the guy yeah and then made up this whole story about how she had found it herself in this lost ruins in Belize but meanwhile it turned into this huge circus because it is an amazing piece of work yes and you know there’s it’s just the cool thing but but everybody began talking about how it had all these powers people would people would pay money to be in the same room with this skull believing that it increased their psychic abilities and they.

Would they would have visions and all.

These all these sorts of things and that so that that’s one of one of several one of several crystal skulls that I talked about in the in the chapter.

Now I understand and identify to this fact with a number of people that the that the initials mitchell-hedges used to put behind his name were actually because he had bought a membership to the London Zoological Society I think but then again you.

Know if it wasn’t for Anna Mitchell hedges and and her dad and the story of the of.

The and the finding of the Crystal Skull many gypsies would be out of work because then they have no crystal balls but that’s right that’s right and it takes balls to make a joke like that certainly.

Crystal ones who don’t boom you see I could have we can have fun on this show too like Howard Stern without getting obnoxious right exactly exactly what’s that Craig you’re fired okay I remember having somebody on the show when I was at CK DB who had something to do with Anna Mitchell hedges they lived in Port Colborne Ontario they owned a dive shop.

For diving industrial commercial diving into Lake Erie and I can’t for the life of me remember what the connection was hmm but I’ll go through my files and I remember getting excited because I was going to have somebody on a both a mitchell-hedges about the Crystal Skull Mitchell hedge and and the rest of it and then I started doing my research into it and I kind of felt silly like oh.

No well yeah a lot of people bought into it and it was fascinating that you know you know a night in my chapter I talked about you know that’s only one of several crystal skulls there’s actually another Crystal Skull that has a.

Connection to here in New Mexico and now it’s kind of a long story I won’t go and let’s do that on the other side of the break but I must tell you things the artwork that that went into the creation of these crystal skulls is amazing considering at to the best my knowledge and please correct me if I’m wrong Ben they were they haven’t been able to find any tooling evidence what they the using microscope that they actually did find.

Some tooling legend on on the more recent ones but I mean on the mitchell-hedges skull oh yeah I don’t know I I’m I’m I’m not remembering.

Off the top of my head if what the if the tule marks I know that on on several the crystal skulls they they absolutely did find tooling marks I’d remember if that was the case with mitchell-hedges but isn’t mitchell-hedges skull the only one that has the detachable removable bottom jaw I believe so yeah the there is there’s another one at the British Museum and I saw the British Museum there’s a photograph of it in the book and.

As I recall that’s all one piece so.

That that is one of the things that’s unique about the mitchell-hedges skull is it is it is two separate pieces do we know anything about its actual origin not the origin that mitchell-hedges spun about it well in the case of the mitchell-hedges skull it was I’m forgetting the exact name but that it was it was a you know it was bought by a collector in.

Fact they actually found the receipt forth it for the skull basically just proving that she you know she’d found it right in in in suitably cinematic form but many of the many of this the similar skulls were being made in Germany and also in in in South America sometimes from South American courts often from Brazil so we know that there there actually was a cottage.

Industry making these crystal skulls in the 1800s ladies genders Wow unbelievable Benjamin Radford please stand by you.

And I have to take our final break for this hour XO nation Benjamin Radford is our guest this hour he’s a real cool guy even though he’s from Buffalo that’s why he’s known New Mexico well hey listen I’m sorry I’ve got a lot of great friends in Buffalo besides if it wasn’t for Buffalo there’d be no buffalo wings and we all love them don’t we Benjamin Radford WWWF in Japan Radford dot-com and Benjamin and I will be back as we.

Wrap up this hour here in the exo-m from my broadcast Center in studios in Hamilton Ontario Canada people have a fascination with with glass and crystals my grandmother god bless her soul used to collect glass paperweights hmm and I remember as a child spending hours just looking at them in wonderment saying what the hell does.

Anybody do with this stuff hold it on paper I guess actly will be back on the other side of.

This break this is the exone don’t go away zone now watch it on sigh motive e+ 500 video games live TV channels free video on demand worldwide and more does this sound like tomorrow’s television well it is but you can have it today right now it.

Is simultaneous with the others only wish they could provide 15 exclusive channels like X own sci-fi and harm we are worldwide no other provider offers that 500 built-in video games no.

Need to have an extra expensive system.

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