Xzrs: Benjamin Radford – From Mysteries Of New Mexico, To The Crystal Skulls And Much More.

Venusian origin well what wasn’t George Adamski into the venetians he was yeah Adamski was was all about that and of course he made his uh his series of photographs which are certainly these days not not looked at Pond too favorably but a damn ski and yeah this is this is around the era when these things were very much in the popular consciousness anyway so again it’s sort of it’s a long story but basically what happened was that the the story came to light because of basically two people one of them was.

A guy named a Silas Newton in Silas Newton was an oil man and he sort of spent a lot.

Of time in oil fields and trying to get investors to do things and and he came across the story he pitched it to a guy named Frank Scully and Frank Scully was a reporter in Hollywood and he wrote for variety in fact Scully is where Chris Carter got the name.

For the x-files right from Frank Scully and Newton had known Scully for a while and Scully heard the story of this amazing crashed flying saucer out in this tiny little town outside Aztec and he he wanted to know.

Okay well I’ll tell you about it but I can’t give you any any solid evidence because of.

Course it’s the cover-up because you know as soon as the the men in black came they took.

It all I told her buddy to shut up but he said I can I can let you speak to an anonymous scientist who was there exactly and this anonymous scientist was called dr. G met with Frank Scully and was incredibly impressed and dr.

He was one of the world top scientist and he had you know more degrees than a thermometer and he was you know he’d been involved in top-secret things.

And he was he was called to the crash site because of his expertise and he was the person that you know actually handled and saw the dead alien bodies and from this and that and and Scully loved the store he’s like this is oh my god this is this is amazing so he began writing articles for variety and he later.

I wrote a book that was very popular and influential basically eat with his anonymous source dr. G and no real evidence but what was odd about it was that dr. G and and Silas Newton they weren’t really that interested in aliens and they were like oh you know it’s not really that interesting they were more interested in.

Getting investors all right Craig yeah we caught it all.

Right there my producer thought he’d.

Be smart I’m throwing the x-files theme so so yeah so the.

The idea was that and this actually surprised Scully because he’s like well you know you’re telling me about this you know you you you saw these crashed alien bodies and stuff and he’s like yeah that that’s what we really want to do is like here’s the thing so so dr. G talked about how he had taken some of the technology from the from the flying saucer and put it into something called a Doodlebug apparently this this is this seem plausible in 1948 and in the. G were getting investors to invest in these in these devices which according to Newton and dr. G could detect oil because again in science news an oil man it could also detect water and it could also diagnose medical problems yeah I know right it slices it dices there’s pretty much nothing this little device couldn’t do because of the the recovered the recovered alien technology and so based. G went around telling people that they they had this this device and.

It was in it but something about the size of a shoebox and they had little dials and knobs on it and they said okay no this is this is made from Venusian technology and it can always detect oil you know better than anything else and you know we can find these sorts.

Of things just give us money we’ll invest in it but they said you can look at it but don’t open it yeah it.

Sounds like the the the that truth-o-meter that they use at the Church of Scientology it was very much like yes but here’s the in this case they said okay but you can’t open it because the technology is so secret that there’s explosives in it and if you open the if you open the latch it will explode and it.

Was like okay uh-huh so they they paid so many investors.

Paid a bunch of money to Silas Newton and dr. gee who was later determined to be gunning Jabbar to invest.

In this alien technology would help them become rich by finding oil out in the South in the southwest so this eventually came to the attention of a journalist by name GP con K Ahn who’s whose skepticism was shall we say piqued.

By this story and I’ll cut to the chase GP con investigated for the San Francisco Chronicle and eventually exposed both jus Bauer and Silas Newton.

As the con men that they obviously were and they ended up being convicted.

Of fraud unbelievable and it’s been a great hour with you been as it always is take care.

Of my friend continued success and I can’t wait till.

The next time you and I chat here in the X zone from our broadcast Center in studio until then be well be safe and be happy all right XO and I’ll be back on the.

Other side of this commercial break with the news as we continue here in the external from our broadcast Center in studios in Hamilton Ontario Canada if you’d like to find out more.

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