Unsolved Mysteries In Physics | Fast Radio Bursts

Hello Jerry excited friends I’m dr.

Becky welcome back to my channel now I usually talk about things that we understand in science on this channel the things that we know about today I want to talk about things that we don’t know and so Ennis that’s kind of the most interesting bit about science and the things that we don’t.

Know and there are things that we don’t know that we don’t know but there are also things.

That we know that we don’t know so unsolved mysteries so to keep this series off.

We’re going to talk about fast radio bursts so fast radio bursts are these little pulses of radio waves that we detect on earth that lasts for like milliseconds that we know are coming from space but we have no idea what’s making them and where they’re going from the first one was detected back in 2007 but it actually was found in archived data that was actually taken in 2001 so took six years for someone to actually find.

Since then we’ve been able to find more.

In archived data and then also detect when they go off because that transient we have no idea where they’re gonna go off in the sky or when and we now have about 30 individual detection zuv.

A fast radio bursts so for one of these FRB we’ve actually observed it pulsing many many times over and those repeat observations about allowed us to say yes it’s.

Own Milky Way in front outside earth as well and then it’s coming from that tiny dwarf galaxy that’s three billion light-years away and we call these kind.

Of things and I’m starting with transient events you know things that aren’t always there they sort of switch on and switch off again things like a supernova flaring up in the optical that’s kind of the same thing people might be familiar with gamma-ray bursts as well this super high-end burst that you get from a supernova that we’ve been detecting.

For years now and we think we kind of understand those now but these FRBS we cannot explain so you might.

Source of radio waves would actually be like earth right we communicate through radio all the time but if you actually.

Look an image of the sky in radio waves you’ll see incredibly bright and also how there are dots just scattered all over the plane of the sky so it’s incredibly bright in the center our own Milky Way and that was actually the first Radio Astronomy detection.

Made by Karl Jansky back in the twice and that’s actually coming from the supermassive black hole in the center of our own galaxy and these things that are giving off radio waves they’re all high-energy objects – they’re like pulsars quasars the Cosmic Microwave Background even was detected in radio waves as well and that allowed us to pinpoint the age of the universe and prove that the universe is accelerating expanding as well so when you think shell radio astronomy like don’t.

Think of astronomers with like the old radios like twiddling dials trying to get signals from space you have to picture like huge huge dishes so I’m thinking like George or Bank in Manchester the UK you’ve got the Parkes radio dish in Australia and New.

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