Unsolved Mysteries In Physics | Fast Radio Bursts

Of their observations the fact that the perry tongs were sort of semi regular and the fact they were kind the same time every day but not exactly the same.

So you couldn’t quote that it was like a 24-hour period burst which i think is just amazing the fact that it was just staff and microwaves the entire time so although people don’t think that these F are bees are coming from aliens opening their microwaves too soon out in space there are people who have suggested that perhaps these puppies are alien in origin and have come from other civilizations and for this.

Reason SETI got involved in the search and this is why we have these repeat.

Observations of this single FRB you’re wondering about its name it’s fr b12 1102 which basically means it was first detected in 2012 on the 2nd of November and they.

Actually detected this frb 21 times in the space of an hour and that was just humans actually looking at the data when they went back and got a machine and sort of training the machine.

Is the idea of machine learning on this data they’ve had about 93 in the space of 5 hours so our pool of Fr bees that we knew about all of a sudden went from your double figures to almost triple figures and they found that there was no pattern in arrival times for.

These 93 fr bees there was no patents in the amplification of the fr bees either some of them were slightly brighter some of them were slightly.

Fainter and even with these observations we still don’t know what’s causing these fr bees we have a lot more to go off now.

And yet it’s still not enough for us to definitively say this is what’s causing it the only.

Thing that we now know from these repeat observations is that the FRB have to be coming from a highly Magneto ionic environment so highly magneto means.

Field so it’ll mean like a million times more powerful magnetic field than the Earth’s magnetic.

Field ionic just means that the gas or material that’s surrounding the object that’s giving off these fr bees is ionized so the electrons that go around the nucleus of the have been sort of released and so you have like positively charged and negatively charged ions roaming around my gas.

So a lot of people think that it could be a brand new neutron star.

That’s in a very high magnetic field and as it sort of settles down after.

The supernova that’s formed it is giving off these FRBS the only thing that about a really high magnetic field is that we know these magnetic fields have the ability to act as cosmic magnifying glasses in a way they can artificially brighten the energy that’s coming from.

The magnetic field so perhaps we’re overestimating the brightness or the energy in these fast radio bursts well go dealing you it’s a detect one of these battery numbers and then.

See it in say the optical or gamma-ray or x-ray and then we’ll have follow up in a different wavelength and so we’ll be.

Able to like narrow down where these events are coming from and like what objects they could be coming from as well that’s the dream sort of a.

Multi-wavelength observation of one of these objects because if you remember the big news last year was.

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