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Another insane object has been found on Mars in a photo taken by the rover Curiosity this time it is a bunker or base type of formation if you look at this over here you will see the strange anomaly only it doesn’t look like much until we enhance the photo slightly to bring out color look at the pillars and.

Does look like some kind of base when I first saw this I immediately thought of this story I told.

You guys about last year of a base found under the Pacific Ocean it was discovered using google earth and looks eerily.

Similar to the structure on Mars could the same beings that built this underwater bunker have.

Also built something on Mars exactly the same way or are these both just a coincidence or optical illusion you decide submitted to the MU phone database last week this orb UFO was seen in Denver Colorado let’s hear what the witness had to say I was vacationing in Denver Colorado last year I decided to take a picture of the scenery and not.

The object itself around one to three weeks later I started browsing through my photos when I noticed what seemed to be a object in the sky I tried listing of the possibilities of what it might have been my first two assumptions was.

That it could have been the moon or air balloon but to me it just didn’t fit the two characteristics so I then went on to assume the possibility of it being a spot on the window or on my camera lens I’m truly lost on.

What this might be so this does not look normal to me and it does not look like a balloon to me as well but I’m no expert did this person accidentally take a picture of.

An alien ship you decide first discovered by youtube user street cap one this object appeared on the.

The morning of sep tember fifth it seemed to be illuminated by the Sun for only a.

Brief moment and in the meantime they had an answer to your question of the framing it would be good if you zoom in a little bit on a little zoom in and up in order to cut elicited the tax on the view I wait to mouth.

The Atlas 5 rocket which launched from Cape Canaveral had caused quite a scare this morning at around six a. several witnesses took out their cellphones to capture the event not realizing what was going on many believing it was a UFO entering a wormhole.

Based on how the rocket looked in the early morning sky this story is making its rounds on the internet today an amazing video was submitted to the mophone database on tuesday showing 6 warps flying over the woods in hahira georgia this apparently happened.

The night before on monday august 31st and was captured on a trail cam here is what the witness had to say i found this on webcam this morning six objects appearing bright in straight.

Line formation moving through the woods at night toward our webcam and passing by this wildlife webcam is stationary to a pine tree approximately four foot off the ground the video does not have the best clarity not sure if it could.

Possibly be some type of night birds the deer in the video appears to look nervous after passing there is no sound available on the video camera also the direction the lights come from our thick brush II woods so guys what were these things.

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