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Birds or alien ships you decide an insane group of photos were taken of a UFO hovering over a town in Costa Rica these photos were taken back in March but were recently.

Submitted to the MU phone database this week I’m not going to speculate as to what this object could be let’s just listen to what the.

Witness had to say about the event I was on a soccer field when I saw a dark hovering object against the sky to the east at first I thought it was a photography drone so I grabbed my camera and started capturing the object then I was not sure what it was because I could not see propellers like the.

Ones on a drone the object had a manta ray shape and the surface did not reflect sunlight.

Very much even though it was a bright morning it descended a few meters and flew slowly towards the north the object ended up near a hill where I lost sight of it as it blended with the tree canopy the sighting.

Lasted around 11 minutes so what could this have been a new type of drone with no propellers.

An alien craft or a balloon you decide.


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