Nbc Presents Short Story – Scuttlebut (may 16, 1952)

Now it’s short story but first let me offer you a few NBC program notes Saturday evening and joy another in the series of full our spring concerts presented by the NBC Symphony Orchestra this Saturday near the NBC Symphony Orchestra will play selections by Brahms and Tchaikovsky then later NBC presents a special program called this is Korea later the.
Camel caravan will co-star Bourne Monroe and Roberto Lee in a.

Musical salute to Seattle’s famous University of Washington and for friends of the Dixieland beat Saturday night means the Chamber.

Music Society of lower Basin Street now it’s short story on NBC NBC presents short story tonight scuffle but by James Michener appearance surprise for literature and the most successful musical comedy in the history of the Broadway stage to be enough credits to last any author the rest of his life James Michener achieved.

Both honors for the single unpretentious collection of stories which he called tales of the South Pacific tonight we have another tale from the South Pacific for you it was not included in the original book and yet in its.

Mood its characterization and its background it belongs there here is scuttlebutt by James Michener this fella Mike Bates was the kind of office of the Navy needed he was only an ensign but he was quite a man.

I met have been 44 when we were on the USS landfall we were hanging off some tropic paradise while lct ferried out supplies most of it came aboard in a cargo net but a couple of them walked up the accommodation ladder a radio operator and Mike Bates he threw a salute at the quarterdeck the kind I hadn’t seen since I graduated as a 90-day wonder out of Columbia.

We were talking about it in our quarters while we pursued cultural activities I’ll bet you five and raise you five on one lousy card you’re raising me put your money where your mouth is I’ll see you just to keep you honest all.

Black a flush I won’t even stop to argue your deal Jim push him over see you know man all very pretty beats my face if I went under that before in the movie yeah I’m not kidding me with a movie star I said he was pretty now don’t get the wrong ideas okay he.

Taught our contract up in a confetti and enlisted will you deal them cards he came in as him enlisted man yeah didn’t take any chicken either he was okay listen it isn’t his fault he was enacted.

Some people just have it tougher than others that’s all there’s one ante missing.

Okay don’t matter with myself Bob moment myself later I killed by me hiya fellas I’m Mike Bates hi you were in the battalion ahead of me in training right yeah yeah yeah that’s right um Miller Aussie Miller huh sorry it didn’t think you’d remember always try to remember fellas well quite a ship huh it leaks it stinks oh you should have seen the dog I came off of and this one looks.

Pretty good good solid construction you know put your fists to the book head the one I was on well it looks like a nice cruise pleasant weather good company what more could.

You want 60 days later states a case of cold beer ready ready sure sure in the meantime there’s nothing like an ocean cruise hey what time is Miss it was like that always seemed to make the best of things didn’t.

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