Nbc Presents Short Story – Scuttlebut (may 16, 1952)

Take long for us to get his life history he attended Hill School which is somewhere in Pennsylvania but it’s some swanky joint from.

There he took one year of college hey Mike I’ll come you an.

All the way from Pennsylvania to California.

Okay I’ll tell you the truth and went to get in the movies how’d you go about that that was crazy I guess I used to cut classes.

And finally get the jobs next to it I had five seconds in one picture only one day the projector got stuck while the director was seeing rushes and I got plastered all over the screen they needed a clean-cut college Typhon before they could get the machine.

Running again he sent somebody out to hire me you’re lucky you ain’t kidding or watching list Mike you could have hung on for six months more maybe made a lot of dough uh-uh things always turn out alright for me I figured I could get back for one soon yeah what’s it like you know when you get a scene were you supposed.

To you know and it’s one of the women that well what’s it like huh it’s a living anybody want to play seven card stud you.

Couldn’t get Mike Bates down he had a laugh a minute even on the landfall that buck had.

Brought out they heal in all of us we were sweating our way across the Pacific to some beachhead and we spent the time in squabbles jealousies and rotten breaks through it all Bates stood up like a million dollars just couldn’t be licked ever got the energy leave my shortage do I gotta hit the deck.

Bub time for chow that’s one of the things I have against the morning it’s time for chow got against the food it’s great how can you sit and look at that slum galleon without Peller mine you know my aunt Betsy runs a boarding house in Oklahoma and if.

Aunt Betsy could see the feast we have set before us every day she hollers somebody done stole my cookbook yet sir that’s what she’d say you know either he means it or else he’s a better actor than we think he is Mike.

Eating the food on this tub is not considered part of the line of duty I don’t know what your griping about gentlemen the cuisine on.

Compares favorably with a Brown Derby that’s what it tastes like all right a Brown.
Derby Mike why don’t you go out on deck and let me be.

Mic men of to heed whatever was served to him drink a lot of water to kill the taste and then leave the table he’d never belly ate the illicit men liked him – I was talking to Paris the human he told me how they felt hello mr.

He’s a nice you’ll like him now all the men do we figure there’s one guy who deserves to be an officer Oh present company excepted don’t mind me no I mean he.

He takes an interest in you you know I’ve.

Talked to you tell you about the stars how fast the tubs going what’s good for athlete’s foot and whether General Eisenhower is going to land in France and you know just talk yeah he’s a nice guy all right hmm you think maybe you wouldn’t well you know what I mean guy has been in the movies at all but he’s okay.

In addition Mike Bates was the king of the scuttlebutt he was the first in year rumors he is a boring gossip he told.

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