Nbc Presents Short Story – Scuttlebut (may 16, 1952)

Us when the ship stores would be open me he told us what we were going to have for supper he told us what the old man said to the exec when the Stewart’s build a coffee no subject was too trivial to excite his interest that’s how he got mixed up with the dog it started down him hold three the master-at-arms was poking around and that in human fashion it masters that arms have hey sailor who me when he got there.

Where that’s act nothing I got nothing in there it’s my laundry that’s all and let me see that’s my laundry honest that’s all in laundry now.

Let me see that Hey look a dog I thought I’d seen everything a dog you can’t take a dog on this ship well he don’t eat much he isn’t hurting anybody we just took him.

Along so we can have a pet on.

Got there Hey look he wants to play with you see like get that dog outta here sure off this ship off the ship that’s what I said how am I gonna do that in the middle of the ocean throw him.

Overboard what he’s my dog I couldn’t do that I said to throw him overboard you got five.

Minutes get rid of that dog five minutes now shake it it’s okay it won’t hurt much sorry you’re looking my face.

Poor look up hey what’s up Bob Oh mr. dates I’m gonna throw my dog away you want.

The master-at-arms said so I gotta throw them away give me five minutes that’s what he.

Said give me that big fat one yes sir well I don’t sound like Navy to me Bob you hold on to that dog what can I do if he makes me get rid of him he’s a master at all.

I don’t care if his head Merle Halsey there isn’t anybody around it.

Can’t be handled hey wait a minute why don’t you tell me that dog you sure I don’t know what’s the matter well the fellas say you’re one officer you can trust but I’m sorry you are showing me look someone took me huh no no I I can’t sell them sir I’ll give them to you yeah you take this to the DA huh 55 Oh what else have I got to do with it look when we land I’ll sell.

Them back to you for five bucks okay gee mr. bata I can’t a new sailor it’s an astronaut’s not tell you about that dog yeah but I’m what’d I tell you about that dog you mean my dog who dogs his innocent no horn oh I just.

Having him have it for a while oh sorry sir that’s all right chief you can go now very good sir he mr. Bates he ain’t no chief I thought all masters our arms are Chiefs oh no sir you must be.

New out here huh yeah that’s it Bob I’m new say yeah what’s pups name Oh we kind of call him scuttlebutt uh-huh kind of call him that too huh come on Scott hey Mike don’t that dog ever go to sleep give me a.

Shot of whiskey oh I think it’s kind of cheerful let’s go are you going to keep them right here you sleep under the table hey can’t keep him on this years in.

The Navy his name so were the waves he should have seen that kid I think he was crying when he took that dog derail pedis told me you gave the kids fifty bucks this one I want off you guys at poker there is sucker hey Mike.

Yeah I got news for you what what sum up scuttlebutt you heard something new no scuttlebutt the dog Oh what he ain’t housebroken.

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