Nbc Presents Short Story – Scuttlebut (may 16, 1952)

Does it you get that dog out of here he don’t sleep here don’t get excited we’ll get a wooden.

Box and we’ll fill it full of sand that’ll fix everything were you gonna get sand in the open I say I’m going to get Santa I’m going to get Santa go out.

In sand Patrol you better get some look pal if you could see him lowering a Man Overboard tonight you know there ain’t no sand of the ship but I’ll get it where.

Is he going to get sand on a ship don’t worry I’ll get it gentlemen Sam it’s that Sam he got a burden that is you Baird make yourself at home where’s your jitter when cousin Mike says he’s going to dig.

Some sand Bobby does I don’t like to be called Bob where’d you get it Mike down in the engine room is treated with a chemical to make it non-skid for the steps huh next time you’re out scrounging Mike see if you can find.

Me a nurse size 12 I’m I am i they here yes petal but now you dig yourself a nice hole and all Uncle Mike’s a man George still stinks hey you haven’t got any soul Bob but where else could you find a furry wobbly a little hound like this huh look at their feet like banjo hey he likes you Salford you can tell yes siree Bob you could.

Tell he likes you that’s what did it thus and Salford was a senior and out of the congregational lieutenant here is kind of a sour guy with a life as lick me expression he could take almost anything but Mike Bates that.

Little dog and being called bub he could seem doing a slow burn when Mike went up on watch he slammed his shoes on.

The floor and made a little speech that big mouth has got to be shut up well Mike is a little cheerful cheerful he makes Pollyanna look like a pessimist if he calls me bub once more I’m glad you see him eat that creamed sausage this morning he asked for more.

So help me he asked for more and sent his compliments to the cook something’s got to be done well we could assassinate him that’s too fine something in between wait a minute I think maybe I’ve got it melon you and I are going up to see the radio officer it is known it is and said Michael page into my probate before to the bridge and so Michael page report to the bridge hey what was it Mike what they want what’s up they gave me time.

To sing ever saw semadar you look nervous listen to this upon arrival of submarine shark fin considered discharged proceed to destination subsequently designated urgent priority secret allowed 100 pounds luggage hey my son’s bag hey that means that a secret mission priority can you beat that a submarine coming for you I guess this is about the most interesting thing that happened to me except maybe that telegram from says will be demilled I ever tell you about that no tell me.

About well they had this picture working and they couldn’t get a second lead right so they all forget DeMille this is terrific do you think you’ve huh well as a matter of fact I got it all figured nothing.

So strange about it I remember something I never told you guys now when I was a kid my old man travel in Japan for 11 months oh yeah I understand I forgot most of Japanese but the old man let me run Wow oh I know Tokyo like a ball yeah.

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