Nbc Presents Short Story – Scuttlebut (may 16, 1952)

To add up huh yeah maybe we better not ask any more questions it said only 100 pounds luggage what he can do with all that extra that stuff give it away seller hey give me an option in that pixton bag huh a bit for that fur lined jacket oh.

You better hold an oxygen Mike hey how about this look at this on the back of this brush it says to Mike a real actor for Myrna how about that yeah.

And take a look at the shaving set to get you out with a close shave love Claudette yeah a lot of things don’t mean nothing the studio went.

Up for a lot of publicity when I enlisted sell along hey Mike you don’t want to lose those things take it easy that Judge you can’t.

Take fancy things like that with you on a submarine bomb maybe for Tokyo not on all goes it look guys I think maybe we on it well you know you can go too far shut up now if mike wants a cellar stuff that’s his business he knows what he’s doing I think maybe we better call it off huh come on excuse me sir.

Oh hi Crowder come in hi I shouldn’t have come on and this is Crowder the original owner of scuttlebutt that’s that’s what I came about sir it’s all over the ship about you and your submarine come for you I brought you five.

Bucks for scuttlebutt well I don’t know I could take.

Wouldn’t even have to wake him up I’m sorry kid that Han brought me good luck I’m taking him as part of 100 pounds luggage hey wait a minute Mike you can’t take a dog in a submarine what would.

Happen to discipline Oh nuts if Mike wants to take his.

Dog on a submarine he can go right ahead right Mike that’s crazy you can’t take a dog in a submarine think of the oxygen they don’t breathe much there’s a regulation against it where it’s got to be a regulation about it hey sailor you ever been in a submarine ooh Lisa oh no sir well we’ve got to find out don’t you worry Mike we’ll find out for you we’ll find out.

If you can take that dog on a submarine how is this are this.

All men who have had submarine service report after lieutenant souther all.

In the submarine service how about at fetes did.

You take a dog in a submarine well sir depends I was on one pig boat that would even let you take a pair extra socks bah tough luck Mike you’ve got to leave scuttlebutt behind well on the other hand on another one a guy had a snake I put my hand in his pocket ones looking for some cigarettes and out comes his snake I could have murdered him there you are you can’t take the.

Dog in a pig’s eye and the regulations regulations between a man and his dog ah you’re maudlin all right knock it off now I don’t care if they ever had dogs in.

A submarine before but this trip starts a new tradition you tell them Mike the feral hog they don’t like it let him speak.

In person uncle my god that’s the spirit Mike fellow going on a dangerous missions got our right to take his dog hey maybe we better post a why that’s right because what the sub one comes for you Mike yeah wouldn’t want to miss it say maybe that’s a good idea I’ll take starboard you take ports Alfred you’d better get them take the one Mike to.

Miss that submarine hey Mike yo seen any sign of it oh I’m not worried huh it should have been here probably just playing possum delay sure the coast is clear they’re gonna pick me up just a dusk you think so huh bird just figures that way I’m gonna get my gear up on deck now come along give you a hand oh yes now it is ensign michael bay’s report to the bridge after the bridge hey Mike I better get up there in a very old boy oh boy.

Wouldn’t they shake the fruit in your grandmother’s bonnet hey guys what happened what happened get a load of this.

Another cable if sees permit will pick up by Catalina at 7:00 see 9x at sunset.

55 pounds luggage secret urgent pickup by plane they must be in a hurry where do you figure my coil boy if they want me this bad must be something big you’re probably gonna drop me behind enemy.

Lines how do you figure that well I never told you this before but I did a lot of parachute work in California before the war have my own plane you know on it hey 55 pounds I better get this young Mike here give.

Me a hand will you guys please you want these English.

Use my car oh oh boy I better somewhere around Yokohama boy do I know those docks here you take these shirts my bank yep my old man had.

About bringing a kid up he said let him break a leg let him break his head but don’t ever let him break his spirit hey wait a minute Mike how about scuttlebutt yeah dawg how are we going to.

Know if they’re gonna let him on a PBY gone on a scuttlebutt I guess if a guy is going to jump into the heart of Yokohama they let him take a dog as far as the last heir to Utah come on boy we better get up and look for that place to be that they’re looking.

What I have boy whoo what a hair if it’s Old Navy was waiting for my baby ah but he stays up there all night I guess somebody’s got to tell him sooner or later up seems he seemed off well who’s going to tell us not me hey Jim uh-uh not me this is your baby.

I don’t want any part of it you’re the only guy you.

Can tell him Jim you won’t hit on us no point and get into a fight is there go ahead.

Jim you got to do it well let him watch that plane a little longer though thank you till dark we’ll give you the word Jim then you go up and tell them hey ka stick by me scuttlebutt don’t you get lost now hi uh hi Jim well look at that see a.

Blind man could put a PBY down there oh boy my car I want to tell you this quicken and then I’m gonna walk away what are you.

Gettin away tubman well that that cable about the submarine and the PB why’d they planted them it’s just a rip a gag oh no no no wait a minute I’m supposed to have 55 pounds luggage they’re gonna pick me up don’t you get it there isn’t any pvy the whole thing’s a joke salford Miller and the rest of them you’re sure about that or that plane could come in any minute not look at that see like a mirror I love it Mike get back to reality.

There isn’t any plane it was a joke Wow hey come on boy when I fall I guess I go all away oh yeah I better get below no wait a minute I guess that’s why I’ve had such a wonderful time in life I’ve always believed I.

Could do anything I remember at school once I dream one night that next day and the hill Laurant ski might intercept the pass and score touchdown only I wasn’t.

Sleeping I just kind of dream while I was away next afternoon had happened just like that I looked up there was a pass hanging in the sky and I was a hero look I’m sorry Mike and one morning I simply up and said I’ll be a movie actor.

Two years later or was there was a dirty trick mark yeah fierce Jim I haven’t a slightest doubt that I’ll be a good man in this war when it’s over I’m gonna be big stuff in Hollywood.

Tell you what maybe that’s difference between me and the rest of those clucks have been living with Oh hey fella look at that see a PBY could come in easy as a pigeon on the grass all the time I was talking to him he kept looking out at the ocean waiting for an airplane even when he knew it was all a gag or a phony kept watching staring looking for that PBY he had been so able to project himself into a submarine or or into a.

PBY and a secret mission and he he couldn’t snap back to reality I left him there was scuttlebutt in his arms watching the endless Pacific great ocean.

Was as peaceful as a meadow and it was not unlikely that it could have landed right there beside us and there was Mike staring off into the darkness waiting below the.

Good time hey Jim have a drink we’re celebrating your secret mission oh no no thanks how do you take it did he get.

Bad boy I’d like to see this face before I beg you wanted to jump over the side are you taking you’d be surprised come on Jim giv have you taken what do you do did you blow his top I get it I figure you’re entitled to a laugh fellas I know the docks in Yokohama like the back of my hand hey what’s up we better get topside Hey what is it over there sir.

The light flash somebody said it recipes higher degrees to pick them up look I’m on a blast oh yeah.

Moving get moving to the other side get the tickets ladder down get a sling the landfall healed sharply lost headway the emergency crew man the rail and soon we were hauling eight bedraggled men to safety the scuttlebutt shot through.

The script we didn’t know what to believe but suddenly the Squawk Box glared well ensign thanks before to sick bay immediately and send micro fantastic me excuse me sir I thought what’s the matter with you sailor I thought. Bates was back back from where what’s going on here don’t you.

Know the scuttlebutt Saul over the ship the captain of the sunken plane has to see the man who saved them what plane the PBY a pee-pee washer I went down four days ago they were.

In bad shape you mean my bait spot yes sir two of the men were Looney Wonder kisses hand baits wouldn’t let him so they kissed the pup the plane captain’s going. Bates gets a medal or something excuse me sir I got to get back the plane crew kissed the Pope the PBY plane crew a PBY just like you wise guys said Mike’s plane came how could we know would backfire well I better give back those brushes with love murder on them y’all better get my stuff together and give it back – uh this isn’t going to.

Be pleasant hi fellas hello my gamma scatter but you set up on a table and you behave yourself huh hey that coffee oh nice going Mike yeah yeah nice going Mike well thank you thank you gentlemen thank.

You thank you thank you why were in the theater I’d give you a curtain speech oh here your brushes Mike oh the ones.

That Myrna gave me Mary hmm probably nearest you’ll ever get to a beautiful girl I had PBY was a long time coming I’m sure glad you fellas told me it was on its way though Oh incidentally the Mike Bates pawn shop will be open tonight to buy back any closer luggage I might.

Need for the rest of this trip there okay Mike guy I well you’re okay I guess this calls for a drink we got nothing left with coffee or coffee Mike Hey look out look out from them my dear he burned your foot on the coffee then on.

Hear they’re going to give you a medal Mike oh oh that’s alright I didn’t see the raft at all I had nothing to do with it no human being could have seen their ass but scuttlebutt did maybe you smelled it anyway he started barking I told him to shut up but he went right on finally even I had sense enough.

To know something was wrong and I’m pretty lucky hey maybe he’s hurt Mike that coffee was called all yet dumb banjo put a little mutt stick your feet in boiling coffee I got no more sense.

In some Navy officers you you have heard scuttlebutt by James Michener our radio adaptation was by Ernest Cano in tonight’s cast jim was played by Lee Millar Salford by Gilbert Frye Miller by Frank Gerstel Mike v Whitfield Connor Pettis by Bert Holland the master-at-arms was Kurt Martel Crowder was Eddie Firestone the animal effects by Earl Keen there announcer Eddie King the director of NBC presents short story is Andrew Sealab be with us again next week for our production of John Collier.

Short story de mortuous you.

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