Xarez Megalithic Quadrangle & The Lost Monoliths Of Ancient Portugal

We’re at Zara’s in mantras east of ever almost on the Spanish border I’m standing next to a 12 foot men here within a quadrilateral of standing stones so it’s like a stone square if you like similar to what we see is one example like this in Carnac Brittany there’s one example like this even in England down in the.

Southwest not many examples we actually get a square or quadrilateral shape that the stones were arranged in this has been moved.

From its original site which was now flooded by a dam but they’ve replaced the stones accurately it’s me it looks like a sundial when you’ve got this great stone in the center and the shadows that it forms it kind of just puts that into perspective than perhaps this is one of its prime purposes because it was also on flat lands it.
Wasn’t surrounded by any shaded trees or anything like that so yes.

Quite an interesting sight the stones are fairly small apart from the great men.

Here in the center to me and to other researchers it does suggest this was like a king or moot site where people would give out their laws or customs or speeches or whatever to the surrounding communities this is where people would meet and share that knowledge and maybe its original location had some kind of energetic quality connected with that like we see in many of the sites in Britain and around.

The world so let’s take a closer look at some of the stones to see if there’s any clues as to who built it or why and you can.
Just see the way the shadow forms and throughout.

The different times of the year and different.

Day that would actually then touch or point to these stones around the edge.

In this sort of square or the rectangle.

Shape we have here and that does suggest some kind of timekeeping device although this may not be the purpose it may just be my or other interpretation of what it could be it could be something completely different.

Other sites the other chrome Lex in Portugal in that the stones are much smaller there’s only one large stone in the middle the main men here here and they do it just looks and feels very different this is the one the only one with a shape like this the others that are.

Kind of over sort of semicircular so this is quite unique in fact completely unique probably in this vast area of Europe the only thing that comes close to it is a kikuno rectangle in Carnac Brittany so quite a beautiful quite a remarkable sight just over here this kind of grabbed my attention this looks like it’s being carved out like you’re some kind of bowl or kind of grinding area if this is being carved out.

It reminds me of some of the stuff some of the kind of styles and techniques that we see in Peru where they kind of have mortise and tenon joints so they’ve just Noble sticking out bits going in like this like a large cut mark another.

Example over here this looks more natural.

Carved out but you never know it could have been grinding stones it could have been something else apparently there are other men here’s like this large one scattered around the landscape around the hills suggesting it could.

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