Xarez Megalithic Quadrangle & The Lost Monoliths Of Ancient Portugal

Have been some kind of system whether it was some kind of geodetic system or whether it was some kind of calendar system we don’t know but the fact that they were scattered around the landscape in various places dust suggests some.

Kind of organized culture organized system of something they.

Were trying to work out and the immediate thing that springs to mind is obviously the calendar system but yeah it could just be it could be something quite different well the primary.

Purpose of the megaliths well first of all we have to divide the megaliths between non funerary megaliths the earliest ones in funerary and the earliest ones clearly seem to have as a main objective the control or the celebration of the transition of the seasons because usually.

They are orientated towards the equinoxes but they also have a.

Relation with the solstices usually the megalithic enclosures the center of the monument seems to be aligned with the rising of the equinoxes on the landscape and then they also have an external world relation with two.

Standing stones two isolated standing stones one in the summer solstice and another one on the winter solstice so just by following the movement of the Sun on the horizon they were able to predict the transition of the seasons in the middle of when the Sun is.

Rising in the center of the horizon you are getting either close to the spring or close to the fall on the most northern point in which the Sun rises in the year you are approaching summer on the most southern point we’re approaching winter so the main layer of meaning on the oldest monuments seems to be the control and the celebration of the transition.

Of the seasons you see an example of the sharp corners here you see the way it comes down here almost like pops out in the corner with.

This stone here and comes right back to the other stones going along in this straight line here so yes quite a beautiful sight the panoramic view of.

Those arrows a monster as Portugal great man here in the censor casting it’s.

Extremely phallic shadow so what I did just find out from the local farmer is that this is the only part of this very close surrounding landscape where you can actually cool down and get in the shade I just so give you an example if suddenly you’re out the Sun in the shade which is kind of what you need in this kind of climate to be.

Honest with you so I leave this sundial it’s shade like a megalithic umbrella and to get away from the heat which is exactly why need to do right now and here people lower just outside.

Monster ass just up there in the distance you can see this incredible standing stone discovered once again in the 1970s with some incredible.

Carvings apparently which we’re going to take a.

Look at I don’t know if we’ll be able to.

We’ll give it a go so just around this whole area there just seems to be all these standing stones just single men ears or just a monoliths and they just appear in different areas I’m going to get GPS readings and I want to take a look at them to see if.

There’s any astronomical significance but also to see there’s any geodetic significance because they could be marking some kind of grid around the area they could be.

On water aqueducts and things like this who knows what’s going on underneath the ground I’ve lost my dowsing rod so unfortunately I can’t find out directly but we’ll see if we can feel into stuff up here I’ll do a little bit of research I’ll check in with Mario as.

Well to see what we come up with this beautiful looking standing stones take a look at this there’s gonna go up I want to go up there take a closer look I want to point out where these carvings aren’t the best I can besides I can get up there really but you’ll see.

You know when you when they’re pointed down to this remarkable beautiful carvings that last if possibly over five or six thousand years this granite base was added later you can see where it joins with the main monolith and immediately starts seeing kind.

Of carvings and spirals zigzags and there’s a shepherd’s crook on it as well as a Sun symbol near the top and so there’s quite a lot going on on.

Again as we’ve seen other sites it reminds me of the sites.

In Carnac and around Brittany that looks like the crook there you can just see that we zoom in slightly you can just take a look at that quite carefully the.

Sunlight is about right I think we’ve come here exactly the right time to actually see some stuff going on on this stone it’s quite beautiful just so see curling lines with a.

Crook in the middle first of all the.

Shepherd’s broke up the years represented since the.

Middle East all the way to Western Europe but now that you are mentioning the.

Connection between elimination in French Brittany it’s.

Important to say that you have not only the same carvings as the shepherd’s crook but the monuments are built in the same material granite they present roughly the same.

Chronologies the same material culture is associated to the monuments so there is very clearly a strong connection between Allen tells you in French Brittany and we can find anything that connects these two regions by land so we believe that the connection that existed back in the Neolithic between these two regions must have been developed by sea by traveling short distances along the coast it’s well worth checking these sites out when you visit getting there at the time of day where the Sun hits it’s. now and here this particular standing stone so this is the one you want to get to around this time or even a little bit later to get the full effect and even on.

You can just see some zigzags going up the stone here which looks remarkably similar to the kind of styles we see an island and a Brittany particularly at gavrinis island of gavrinis so it is quite.

Beautiful to see the spiral serpents lines these wonderful standing stones in this part of Eastern Portugal this is known as panino cabrito or long ROC also the men here in the village of with tario fascinating sight just.

Another great standing stone reminds me again of the sights in Brittany set the right way around 8 tonnes re-erected in 1969 some say it’s a phallic symbol and it was something to do with their fertility cults of the area which kind of makes sense because it.

Has a slit at the top much like the human penis in fact m’g well toga referred to it in the following terms sacred phallus winged hardness of granite which rendered pregnant by the earth makes.

The infinite pregnant which does suggest it may be a memory or legend or folklore of the ancient peoples of this area who worked with these energies of the earth with these megaliths to create this kind of harmonic fertility energy throughout the landscape through themselves through the livestock and through the plant life they were growing to survive so again we’re finding this in many different parts of the world not just here in.

Portugal shadow starts all the way back here all the way up maybe it has been deliberately shaped down that left-hand side it looks like it’s been slightly flattened with a slight curve on it it’s that to make.

It look more like a phallus was that for an energetic or do you think an aesthetic purpose standing stones are like just a mystery have yet to be cracked.

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