Patreon And Adult Content | How Do You Want It?

Happy Friday loves just a warning on today’s video I use adult language and themes this content is age restricted and is for viewers 18 plus in the United States or of legal adult age outside the US I assume no responsibility for children watching this video enjoy hotties have a sexy weekend hey everyone what’s good this is Heather catch.

Your breath beauty and I apologize for being gone for so long not only did I have some family things come up that were pretty serious but the flu got me it was absolutely terrible I was bed bound for a few days and I am.

Actually still getting over all of the symptoms that continue to linger alright moving past that and why I’ve been missing I.

Just wanted to run you know something by you that’s pretty important if you have watched me for any length of time.

You’ll notice that back a couple months ago I did review the Amber Rose box now I know that reviewing that particular subscription box it wasn’t what I wanted to do it wasn’t descriptive enough I wasn’t allowed to use the words or the wording that.

I thought would be most beneficial to reviewing these products here’s my idea I don’t know a lot about patreon and I’m currently educating myself I.

Don’t know how you guys feel about patreon but what I know is that I want to bring you content that you would love to see something that would benefit both men and women and base.

Oddly contribute people having a healthy safe and fun sex life I would need just a little bit of funding in order to basically subscribe to all these different adult boxes so I can go ahead and give you some reviews that.

Will really matter that little bit of boost that I would get from patreon would.

Allow me to subscribe to these boxes or buy certain products we’re talking not only things that are directly about sex but items that are also creams.

For cellulite different perfumes just so many different things me and sometimes my husband and I will just go ahead for certain items and just give you a real good description and what our experience was using those particular items and no matter which tier you choose if you choose to be a part of my patreon.

Family just let me know your birthday and I will have an eight-by-ten printed of a picture you love and I will go ahead and sign that for free and send it to you for your birthday and as I go along and I get further into this there will be slight nudity very slight when testing certain products that expose maybe slightly more than YouTube allows I actually just ordered masks like instead of a face mask a mask for your derriere so I would.

Definitely be doing a review of something like that that would obviously showing more there would be nothing else further adult than that as we go along you can only gain more from being a member of my patreon family so go ahead and vote in the poll and let me know if you.

Would be interested in becoming a part of my patreon family and if enough people are interested I will go ahead and run another poll and offer you guys a variety of different boxes and we can start off there and just explore as much as we can ideally for my patreon members I would like to have a few different tiers probably just to the first tier would.

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