Patreon And Adult Content | How Do You Want It?

Be about five dollars and that would be one extra video per month and my second tier would be probably about eight dollars and that would be two extra videos per month.

I don’t like to age restrict my videos and I definitely.

Don’t think that the way I will be speaking and what the subject matter is it is definitely not appropriate for YouTube and would you like me to start.

A patreon would you contribute to my patreon and would you enjoy seeing more adult content from me on top.
Of all the free videos that you will be getting now that I have my.

Lighting and I’m feeling good about it the backdrop background backdrop the background is really really close to being done I’m a little bit of a collector of different knickknacks so it’s been really difficult for me to pick things out that I would actually enjoy showing you guys I will also be once this.

Is all done and I’ve been made all my decisions I’ll go ahead and give you guys a little tour of what’s behind me and why I think all this stuff is so special like I said go ahead and vote in the I up in.

The corner and let me know if you would like to be a part of my patreon family I would really really enjoy doing.
This and I promise you that you will.

Not be disappointed so that’s pretty much it guys I just wanted to.

Catch you up on where I’m at and where I’ve been now that all the life issues are out of the way the flu is over and I have my.

Lights I guarantee you I have so much content coming and not only that but I also have another affiliate code for a more makeup related subscription service and if I turn you can actually see that my boxycharm and my brand new one.

Both showed up simultaneously hopefully I can get to that this weekend because I have one more piece of news drumroll and I know most.

Of you don’t know but my cat that I had for 20 years her name was Reba she passed away enjoy please don’t cry Heather this is ridiculous so now.
That some time has passed and my eight-year-old daughter and.

I have decided that our hearts have healed in its time so our application for adoption has already been approved.

And we’re having our home check on Sunday which means we might have a little five-month-old little orange tabby just the cutest little thing in.

The end world cross your fingers for us my daughter really really needs this so if you pray if your spiritual if you want to give me some energy anything positive I would.

Gladly accept it now with all that being said I’m gonna bid you a farewell I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I.

Will catch you on the next one love light and high light you guys peace oh yeah and I had a ponytail so like you like my ponytail dint like mm-hmm that’s hot right oh yes I look great today this is terrible I should have thought this through a long time ago yes.

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