15 Tips To Increase Productivity

Hello hello this is Pamela lever ins known as the brick wall coach and I am here today to share with you 15 of my tips for increasing your productivity but before we get started I want to make sure that I introduce myself properly so I am a business consultant that actually coaches ambitious action-oriented Gen X entrepreneurs how to.

Run a successful and sustainable business and as you can see I have been in the business world for over thirty years with almost ten of those years right here in the online.

Space really what I do is help you identify and implement the steps so you can run the business that you’ve been dreaming about today I’m gonna talk about productivity well we all wish that we had more than 24 hours in some of our days and there really is no way to give us more time in any given day but we can be.

Sure to make the best of what time we do have so.

You hear people talking about getting more done in the time that they have available that really means they’re talking about productivity I’ve broken the presentation up into two sections and the first section is all about increasing your productivity any time so tip number one is to make a list having a list is gonna help you stay focused and you’ll know exactly what you need to get done when you need to get it done you won’t start your day wasting time trying to.

Figure out what you’re supposed to be working on or getting pulled in every kind of direction as things pop up during your day so for this you can use a lot of different apps or programs and the three that I.

Recommend are Wunderlist Trello and todoist all of them have free versions and I have used all of these in my own business tip number two is focus on the three most important tasks so when you’re looking at your to-do list what you want to do is go right down through the list and.

Star or mark priority on three of the things that you know you have to get done no matter what and the three things that are gonna make the biggest.

Difference for you in tip number three we’re gonna cut through the mental clutter using calendars and reminders so whether you use your smartphone or maybe you have a Google Calendar like I do I absolutely use my calendar for everything and I keep track.

Of birthdays anniversaries appointments and every single meeting that I have then you can go a step further and you can set up your calendar to remind you about important dates and times tip four is be aware of time and Parkinson’s law so the first part is Parkinson’s law and if you haven’t heard about that really what it is is it’s just saying that each.

On will take you as long as you give it so on your schedule if you are giving a certain task one hour in which to complete it or if you’re giving.

Eight hours in order to complete it you can probably see where I’m going with that one of the good things to use so that you’re aware of the time you’re spending on each individual task is to use a program like toggle or harvest or even just a kitchen timer.

And that’s gonna track the time that you’re using tip five learn to say no I love this one it took me forever to get it and I know.