15 Tips To Increase Productivity

Too how many times have you gotten roped in to doing extra work because you couldn’t say no that word.

No is so powerful tip six get good at delegating so what happens when you figure out what you should be doing yourself.

And what you should pass on to someone else well you gain a lot of focus and you get more time in order to get things done that are important to you in other words you’re getting more productive.

Tip seven find out what you can automate so basically I look at it like this you pretty much make a list of everything that you do on a daily a weekly a monthly.
A quarterly even an annual basis and then from there you make.

Two columns and one column is gonna be you need to do it and the other column is yes you can delegate.

This and is there a way that maybe you.

Automate some of that stuff to free up even more time so you can work on something else sometimes you have to get a little creative and think outside the box and asking a business consultant or a strategist to help you with locating the correct automation tools that are gonna be right for you is a great thing to do tip 8 surround yourself with the right people so take a good look at all the people that you’re working with that might be your accountant a virtual assistant whatever your team.

Members look like and then just think about how you’re currently working with them what’s good about that.

And maybe what’s not so good about that and then two of the big things to ask yourself are are they positive people and are they supporting your vision.

Tip 9 is to make sure you have a plan well you can’t be productive unless.

You know exactly what you’re working on and what.

Your end goal is supposed to be so if you don’t know either you’re just doing busy work and it’s not productive working with a business coach to help you pinpoint the goals and the steps you need to take in order to reach them is super important and tip 10 is to cut out the distractions and I don’t care where you.

Work I know that you are being interrupted numerous times every day.

It could be by people it could be by technology or it.

Could be by some of both of those so some of the things you want to do is to set up boundaries around your workspace you also want to stick to specific.

Work hours and by all means do not have your email or social media alerts pinging.

All day long now the second part of my presentation is going to be some tips on increasing your personal life productivity and we all know as entrepreneurs that your personal life and your work life always overlap somewhere and some of these personal life productivity tips will lead to better work productivity as well so tip 11 is to create routines to make things simple so really what you’re doing is creating a routine or a schedule and you’re gonna stick to it so there’s no more worrying.

About what to do and when to do it you’re just gonna get it done and after a while it’s gonna be on autopilot just like brushing your teeth tip 12 simplify and declutter.

Did you know that it takes the average person 40% longer to tidy up and clean their house.