Njroute22 Vlog Ep 61 Cheap Wine Reviews 13 Saddlebred Cellars Pinot Noir 2015

Hey there NJ route 22 calm here with another cheap wine reviews blog this is no nonsense non BS related wine our main objective is to see how we feel after two bottles that’s our line in the sand I’ll remind you everybody is the line in the sand if you’re not a 92 pound woman you might only be one.

Bottle I’m 200 pounds I’m two bottles so that is it but we normally do red wines and we have we usually like the Spanish wines we like higher percentage wines and we also like to.

Spend no more than ten dollars a bottle in general and you know five dollars are between five and ten dollars demand they have three dollar wines out there I’m not sure I’m ready to try them however today we’re looking at a something called a Saddlebred cellars Pinot Noir I’m gonna try and zoom in I’m using a fixed lens it probably might work you never know I’ll hold.

It up there for a few seconds you never know if it’ll.

Work but this is called Saddlebred cellars if it doesn’t work oh well it’s a Pinot Noir and I don’t really it comes out of this company called inter trade USA company they’re an importer of many distributors of fine wines and spirits and this Saddlebred.

Stuff sellers if you really need to hear this crap because I really think the vernacular and the whole mindset of the wine industry is kind of just unnecessary it’s alcohol it affects your body impairs your motor functions makes you feel good.

Most of the time unless you want in those angry people who knows why people drink wine I mean like we could probably get a side note here I was gonna go 11 days and without having any any wine at all this would have been my 6th night in a row but I did five nights prior here without drinking you know.

Given my liver a break and I was gonna do 11 days before my annual birthday celebration but I just.

I couldn’t do it my record for 2018 is six days in a row without having a sip of.

Wine I broke it I don’t really don’t care no I don’t know anything to anybody so anyway this is Saddlebred and by the way this is only a 12% alcohol I think there 2014 this is a 2015 ninja brother the 2014 was 12 and a half we’re talking low.
End low end alcohol and I’ve always had this theory.

That the lower the alcohol the worse I’m gonna feel the next day because of the whatever else is in there that whatever you 88 percent of whatever is mostly.

Water but you never know what they throwing in so I’m gonna read this stupid the the prepared statements almost like a it’s like a press release from a freaking politician like who it’s your.

Own like experience that you should write these things whatever I’m going on and on carefully selected grapes carefully well how care there’s probably tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions of grapes that go into all these productions how can they carefully select whether you look at them one by one or is it.

Whatever they’re harvested by hand how many like undocumented workers are picking these grapes anyway this.

Is Italy so they’re probably not undocumented at the peak of ripeness well I don’t think anybody ever would put it like a like a green grape that’s white wine peak of ripeness and then carefully fermented and can’t control temperature temperatures to preserve the freshness of the fruit aromatics.

And flavors with maximum intensity of color I think they just defined winemaking there’s nothing special about that do you think someone like at a different winery I’m you know like recklessly ferments it like wildly in changing temperatures to you know take a crapshoot at the freshness.

Know every winemaker carefully ferments their wine at controlled temperatures this this is what bugs me about this and like nobody challenges this stuff anyway a little side note here super side note this wine this Saddlebred cellars Pinot Noir apparently it’s the only wine this this cellar makes seller the seller and it goes for between.

Nine and eleven dollars if you search online whatever whatever Google tells you have the first page or two of results some guy in in in 100.

And Counting area loves this stuff so much which is great everybody loves what they like or likes what they love or loves what.

They love it likes their like he bought like 10 or 20 cases of this stuff and and ShopRite liquors you know brought it in they have this for $5.

Currently and they’re down to their last case but it’s an extraordinarily good value wine for us for a 750 comes out to a $12 1199 for a double bottle which is you know right there and in the zone I like.
To pay like 10 10 dollars like the Rex Goliath back in.

The day was a really good wine but they ruined it but he they say the aroma of this wine is aroma I mean what if you have no sense of smell ripe cherry and vibrant raspberry with.
Hints of pomegranate you know you know I’m gonna pour.

Some right now let’s just pour a little bit in this glass and I’m not gonna shake it and then I don’t care what legs it has or lingering yeah you know what I have to say it doesn’t have some of the other cheaper wine kind of like taint to it I’m gonna I’m gonna sip it.

No it’s a really good tasty one and the whole thing in Pinot Noir.

Cabernet Monastrell Malbec tempering it I don’t know I mean it’s a wine it tastes it this actually that the flavor of this one and I think this is so irrelevant because after a glass or two I’m only on like glass one and a half here you don’t care you could start out with a.

Pinot Noir you can do a Malbec you can do a Cabernet you’re not gonna give a crap after two or three bottles and.

Once you I mean two or three glasses.

Into your second bottle but they say the taste this is they list this production know.

It’s taste won’t everybody sees something different smoking this has smoked smooth and silky on the palate dad I will agree with I see I will I’m not gonna like contradict it for no reason smooth and silky is accurate this pinot noir exhibits extraordinary balance so what is balance mean yeah I can hold the glass pretty good it’s balanced and a long.

Layered finish right like how fast it disappears I don’t this type of stuff I guess the thickness of it and how long I.

Mean these molecules in here go on your tongue and everybody’s tongues are different I do like it though it’s a.

Very good very good tasting wine I’ll tell you this much though most a time when I drink I water my wine down to two three to one with water and ice and I drink out of a straw this one if you drink like I do does not have the same kind of tasting power or whatever you want to call it that some of the other wines I’ve reviewed previously have it’s very watered down.

So I don’t think I can water this down three two one two two one max in order to have any.

Kind of taste experience otherwise it’s just.

An alcoholic diluted liquid that makes me feel good after in a couple hours or over the course of a couple hours it is a very good I mean I would fibre went to dinner out and it was a BYOB I would bring this with me because it’s not too heavy it’s not too complicated and I.

Think it would be a really good wine with with a meal or no or in the backseat of your car or on the side of the road or in your yard.

Or in the garage like I am right now it’s a fine.

One so I looked up so I printed some other stupid sheets out here from some wine searcher calm they have they have like analytics about one.

That can price over the last five years and they have charts and all this crap and apparently here’s some notes for this wine and and I don’t even know why I’m doing this because it should really be about it tastes good and how do I feel the next day and it should be like a two-minute video but like I’m trying to.

Entertain myself here anyway if it’s between nine and eleven dollars but he says this one of the most popular Italian wines out of how many I mean they they I don’t know there’s a thousand Italian wines if this is in the top 500.

Its it’s the most one of the most popular ones.

See this is what I hate about generalizations more people have been searching for this now than last year this time I saw the chart and the chart was going down down down down and then went up at the last year it’s like a like.

A like a rabbit dead rabbit.

Bounce whatever and it’s also delete one of the least expensive Italian wines I’ve seen cheaper but whatever but they said that price has been stable for the last year and that’s that and it’s it’s Italian wine of course Saddlebred cellars that’s it that’s that’s all I really have to say at the moment I think for $5.99 a bottle based on like most people are not like me you will not water it down and drink.

Like like efficiently like a like some sort of German engineer see I’m getting hydrated I.

Don’t have to work I’ve combined two steps most people say Oh drink a glass of water get in between every drink every other drink and make sure you.

Hydrate a lot before you go to bed and drink a lot of water before.

You start drinking I accomplish all that in one.

Damn step I mix it drink it and I have to worry about like sequence of events but I still have.

You still have to drink extra water on top of this this mixture but I do you should really try this I mean if you know even if you’re not a pinot noir type person remember that video the posts i put up about don’t be the wine snob where people stick their freakin.

Nostril hairs into into the into the drink I mean can you invent more things to like overly and maybe fictitiously concern yourself with when it comes to to just a liquid it’s a liquid well I’ll tell.

You I like the way it tastes I’m gonna recommend this for my significant other for her to.

Drink because I think she’ll show really really really liking a lot more than than some of the other wines she likes to drink it’s it’s a definite smooth smooth operator no no am.

I writing to wear the right polish on that I mean tink tink – tie-dye so that’s it.

I’ve been going on twelve minutes here I’m gonna trying it I never do I may come back for a brief note when I’m I don’t know if I’m gonna last because I’ve been like dry for the last five and a half days the last time I drank was Sunday this is a Saturday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday I took five nights off so I drink Saturday it’s in like the whole six days almost it’s after it’s a close to midnight now on a Saturday night I don’t know.

Do you guys feel like there’s this really a difference I mean this Pinot Noir doesn’t taste really any different then the Cabernets can taste different within the Cabernet grape and the Monastrell can taste different within the Monastrell category this could be a Cabernet or.

It could be a garnish a garden or not I don’t know that’s it I will come back with a follow-up and I’m not doing mmm excuse me I’m not doing the day-after videos anymore because I I forget most of the time and I don’t want to go back and and fake it it’s all good as well I put a little graphic up at at the end.

Of the video I did that with one of my last videos I think episode 11 I said hey you know this is a Shania is good but don’t you tear go over your limit because you will it’s like a steep clip I’m.

Good I’m doing good I’m doing good some wines have that that very fine line where you can have one two three four five six classes seventh class I guess everybody’s different and maybe I’m have been different like if I’m like my liver is feeling strong maybe I can go an extra glass but if.

You’re all beat up and you and you had a bad week maybe you can’t handle more I don’t know maybe the.

Reverse is true maybe it’s like your liver is like a muscle you got to exercise it maybe.

The more you drink the more you can handle I don’t know I’m almost done I’m halfway done I’m gonna top this thing off and finish some with some water I might leave my SL with some some.

If something comes down from the bedroom but that’s it for now I will.

Be back anyway I just want to conclude that this pinot noir this mid Saddlebred sellers I like I will buy as long as it’s $5.99 a bottle at ShopRite liquors it’s a very great tasting wine I’m not gonna explain why is it every freaking time it’s some sort of completely random array of words I was plum it was it through as.

It was finished God shut up it was good tasty okay and I will.

I reiterate that it had a very smooth silky finish on the palate when you drink.

It out of a wine glass okay and it was it was just perfect.

You know it’s it’s like it you know it’s it’s almost like I might have to just reserve it for a summer drink it’s so good ice cold it’s like 38 degrees here right now in October we’re gonna give.

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