Introducing Gcadplus 9.4

Well when you start jihad plus you’ll be faced with this screen not terribly interesting until you hit file and new and up pops a selection of templates you can add your own here and we will imagine for the moment we pick one called first designed studio we’ll open it up now the whole interface changes we’ve got a white.

Background we could change that if we wanted to to a dark black background let’s put it back to white because it’s a little easier for you to see what.

I’m doing and if I select this line which we put into the template and you see its length is 10,000 we’re working in the metric environment so it’s 10,000 units for 10 meters that line represents 10 meters what I’m going.

To do is rotate that line I’ll pick it and rotate it when I right click up popped.

That message I’ll turn off save at the moment you can change the save interval and I’ll say no at the moment I’m asked to specify a base point so I’ll just click on that what’s called a.

Handle there and then I’ll rotate it by and because polar is on down in the status line I can click that like so so.

We have a line let’s imagine that that line and in fact that piece of text I want to move it I want to move it over so much of the right of the screen let’s imagine that represents the footprint of a house you put down the footprint by simply saying let me just change my drawing color to red draw a.
Line so I want to draw accurately the footprint.

Of the house I’d click to the end there point in the direction that I want to go in let’s imagine our first movement is for the first measurement is 5 meters in that direction.5 meters and we go up in this direction let me just close that we go in in this direction here another two meters and I’ll exit from there so that the red represents the actual footprint of the house we want to.

Cannibalize one of our earlier designs that’s when CAD really gets powerful so we’ll say library designs and we’ll look through some of these designs until we find one that we think might suit is one where there’s an entrance there into a rear garden so let’s open it and insert it into the drawing and there it is now let’s imagine that the entrances is in that that’s a little zone through there we could position this like so so there’s our design placed and let’s.

Zoom extents which is show the whole drawing so we’ll remove our original ten meter line because the red represents the real footprint of the house.

So we’re saying the house footprint itself extends up here there’s some sort of path running here there was in the original design a window in there and that solid bit there represented house the house wall rather what we’re interested in doing now though is we want to Brandt this designer so we can expect it and explode it that means we can get.

Rid of any parts of that drawing that we don’t want to use and you can see the way that I’m working get rid of it and that’s as far.

As I’ll take it for the moment but can you see you can exit from the door here.

On some slabs going through there step up onto a compacted dolomite some brick edging around there here’s the garden there’s already some watering system in there’s a screen there and a screen there but when we go to the landscape plan it’s nearly set the way we wanted so we just double click here that brings up this magenta box so we simply position the box and display it on the layout so there’s our design already taking shape yeah to my eyes this zone through here looks to be a.

Little too large so just select that zone hold the shift key down and deselect that one and right click and scale they will knock that down part and okay so there if we.

There’s our drawing our information of the site and so on we can put in our our boundaries and improve on the footprint getting rid of bears entities as we go in order to get rid of those I have to go back to the.

Model I’ll right click and zoom extents and then we come in here to remove those and I’ll set a window around these and get rid are there.

So I would continue on with my house footprint and I’d be able to finish the design in relatively short space of time so that’s when building on your previous design work really improves the productivity of CAD you do have an enormous library of symbols that you can use and we’re just scrolling down through them there to show you some of these symbols that are there.

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