How I Keep Productive: Episode 3 Evernote

Welcome to episode 3 on how I keep productive and today I want to talk to you about Evernote so let’s go hi I’m Aaron Jones and welcome to another episode of how I keep productive this is episode 3 and how I use Evernote in my daily life now my Evernote I use as a place of reference things I.

Keep all my things stored history documents that I no longer need everything I do.

Like that gets put into Evernote now I used to do a lot of writing in Evernote but I no longer do a lot of writing I do keep a lot of notes in Evernote because it’s Evernote but when I’m doing scripts.
Or writing long-form I use a different app.

I use Ulysses right now and I’ll do an episode about that later and how I use that in my daily productive schedule scheme way of getting things done but basically what I use the Evernote isn’t an archive of notes and documents and useful reference materials that I need to access and it.

Gets all put into Evernote now I do have an Evernote premium account because I use Evernote every day and I use it on my iPhone I use it on my map I use it on.

My iPad and I even use it on.

Have a watch is useful and you can see here as I’m filming this I use the Apple watch to control my iPhone to film my YouTube videos because I can see the screen so yeah this is very useful it’s very useful in these little small things if you can find them in your everyday life but anyways we’re not we’re talking.

About productivity of Evernote not how I use my Apple watch to be productive.

Because these can be very useful and maybe that’s an episode I will do in the future but I’m going to kind of briefly show you my layout.

In Evernote and I’ll talk to you about how I have it I my my.

Setup may be different from other people’s that you hear mine is not tagged heavy – very notebook heavy because that’s how my brain works and that’s how I originally set up Evernote knives used Evernote ever since basically since it first came out on remember having it in my iPhone 3G three GS three GS and I had Evernote on there.

And I had put notes and stuff in there so that’s a long time ago we’re going back yeah it’s almost 10 years not quite 10 years but a long time ago maybe 10 years ago it’s maybe 10 years ago I’m not gonna look it up because I’m too lazy but anyways instead of me blabbering here let’s get into the application now I’m going to try to hide.
My notes because you know a lot of.

Personal information is there I don’t have a dummy account I just gonna come to show you the mess that I have set up and how I input information there every day and how.

I keep things up to date so let’s get into that right now okay so let’s get into my Evernote account here now I’m gonna just show you from the notebook size now my Evernote account is very notebook heavy as I mentioned earlier this is because when.

I first set it up this is how my brain works.

Now I have tags and I am going through and cleaning up my tags so if I click in my tags you can see it’s a mess now I have been going through cleaning up and consolidating some of these to make things a little bit easier but recently in the last couple of years everything I have entered.

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