How I Keep Productive: Episode 3 Evernote

Into Evernote has had proper tags in it it’s stuff from a few years ago that it’s kind of messed up and going through it trying to fix things up a little bit anyways I’m not so worried because the search feature is good I can find those notes even without the tags though it’s nice to click the tag and have notes in that category come up but you know eventually I will get there but basically I have.

An inbox where I filter everything out and if you follow getting things done you know this.

Is a very useful thing everything gets put into the inbox and then later sorted out into its proper in my case into.

Its proper notebooks and I got my basic values go through have my this.

Is my Aaron Jones notebook is the original notebook this is just stuff that I put myself and I keep track of like lists and stuff like that it gets good in there I don’t use that very.

Often you can use it for awhile and I have one for my aquariums I have bank informations and this was an application below go for iOS which.

I haven’t used for a while I.

Have problems connecting it to my my website to do blogs but it connected any you could write your blog’s.

In Evernote and then the blog app would sink it between the application and then when you published it to your WordPress website they have a brain dump notebook where I would do brain dumps and stuff calendars I have calendars where I keep backups.

Of my calendars that are analog and I’ll talk about that later when I do my analog but I actually have scans of all my calendars the analog versions which I store in there and you can see that since I’ve been doing that I’ve been doing that since 2015 in 2008 I have there so every week.

And my weekly calendar gets scanned into here as a reference because of the pay to feature I.

Search through the text and stuff comes up there so it’s also easy to have I can go back and look because sometimes I have notes in my analog calendar which are not indeed.

Present in the digital versions and so I’ll talk about that in the next next the two in two episodes later when I get into the analog one and then I have things like Costco and documents medical information I store all copies of all medical and dental proceeds and stuff in here and then I was playing around with the to do button but you can see it’s.

Very heavily organized I don’t have a thing for work I have notebooks for each things that I do now for example when I have projects so for I have a youtube stat for YouTube I have M for magic when I do my magic I have a magic notebook stack that has five notebooks inside these are my project.

Ones how I broke it down and I have a work one and I have just random documents these are documents for example like.

Copies of my passport my Japanese permanent resident D car residency card stuff like this I keep this in the food this is from your application a long.

Time ago the Evernote application one I think I used it twice that’s what our two notes in their home was a different thing but I have put home into the different the projects in a different notebook for now hotels in Japan I keep track of information from hotels so I such as maps and brochures.

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