How I Keep Productive: Episode 3 Evernote

And stuff like that and parking so for example when I go to stay in.

A hotel in Osaka the hotel itself may not have a its own parking lot they have affiliate parking lot nearby and so I’ll scan the maps in here because I use the same hotels and that way I can find the parking lots because if you ever drive in.

Osaka it’s crazy ok it’s like the one in the craziest places to drive in in downtown so this is basically how I have it set up and everything goes into inbox and then I sort it out and like I said I don’t do a lot of writing any writing in here anymore it’s almost like reference materials for the YouTube stuff I use do all my descriptions for the YouTube I have a bag as a sample one and then I cut.

And paste and Entering things into that though I am trying to do a system using the other program what’s the program called what’s this one my brain has gone.

This one text expander to do my descriptions and stuff like just inputting it but right now I have everything stored in here as a setup file I have a setup file for each of.

My episodes and all I have to do is change the title write the description the base stuff is still there but I copy and paste it and then I use pastebot here to to kind of go back and forth from from doing all that kind of stuff but this is basically it and how I input data into here I in put.

It through the iPhone I input it through the Mac and through the Apple watch doing audio and I also use been playing.

Around in my house when I need to make a quick little note using an if-then that recipe through my google home device so that works as well and I do a lot of scanning as well.

So I use my scanner not my phone but I use the actual scanner through the application on the them on here the image capture which I set to the program to scan not to file but scan to Evernote and.

Then I used a picture one on there to do other stuff my calendars I just used my phone because it’s too hard to put on the actual scanner but yeah that’s basically it and I keep notes in here and and I.

Update and I go through the inbox now I have four things in the inbox I need to sort out and those are probably shopping things because I have a if I buy.

Something online and I get the the purchase receipt and the other orders what I’ll do is I use spark and then the email program spark and I can easily send it to to the Evernote and then I put it into my hotels and if i buy some or for her for my web orders and if I make a reservation in the hotel I also copy it over here I sent a copy to Evernote and I put it in my hotel reservations so that’s basically how.

I do it and I have instructions so for example if I can find my notes here see this is the problem.

With the notebooks is that it gets lost so if I go into this is not secret stuff if I go into my instructions I keep instructions for all the devices so here’s the Wi-Fi how to use it for my rental system for my Wi-Fi in the my Reuter and then in.

Different accounts information I put the pictures of the passwords and.

Makers of different things in here my headphones instructions so I have everything here it’s easy easy easy easy to keep instructions so I’ve started doing.

That one I don’t have all in here but whatever I can find a PDF and I throw it into here so that’s enough of my rambling about this so let’s get back to the live-action part of the video okay so that was a little bit on how I use Evernote in my day-to-day life so hopefully.

That please let me know in the description below what program do you use for your note-taking do you use Evernote do you use another application please let me.

Know and if you have a video.

On how you have it set up please put it in the links I would love to check it out I’ll put it in the comments below because I’d love to check that out.

And on the next episode of the series I’m gonna talk about my calendar application how I use a calendar now this is going to be broken up into two episodes the first episode is gonna be about.

The digital version the digital calendar that I use which is basically fantastical and I’m gonna talk about how I have that set up and then the second part believe it or not is the analog version because I in my productivity it’s not.

All digital I have a lot of analog things that I use as well and that’s because that’s.

How my brain works I love digital things but I need the analog as well and the episode two of the calendar is gonna show you my analog calendar and how I set this up so so stay tuned for that so please subscribe to keep updated on this this.

Channel has my vlogs and other content about living in Japan that’s coming out very soon so please subscribe I’d really appreciate it and until next time we’ll see you there goodbye.

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