Study Motivation | My Study Routine + Note Taking Tips

What’s up you guys and welcome back to my channel so a little over a month ago I posted a video pretty much just showing you guys some of my favorite study hacks and just like how I study and I got some really good feedback from you guys on that video a lot of you guys said it was helpful.

Which seriously means the world to me that I can help at least one of you out and I ended up rewatching the video last night and I realized that.

There’s actually so much more that I have to tell you guys and I feel like with every exam I learned something new on how to study or know how to ace a test or something like that so in today’s video I’m really just gonna be telling you guys some of my favorite.

Study hacks so this is gonna range from note-taking to planning how you study it to actually studying so there’s kind of a couple parts and I’ll put a little time stamp on the screen kind of based on if you want to watch a certain part or not if you.

Happen to be new to my channel I would love if you would hit that subscribe button I am a senior at UNC Charlotte this year and I just.

Post videos on here about school and my style and stuff like that but I would love if you would join the family oh has her I girly I feel like any time I start filming that she notices something.

That she wants to play with literally every time one last thing before we get started if you have any kind of study hack.

Or study tip I would love if you would drop me a comment below and just leave it so that everyone else can see the way that you like to study in this video I’m just telling you guys what works for me so I’m sure there’s so many other things that work for you that I will not mention so definitely share as much as you can in the comments all right so I have.

A lot to tell you guys so without further adieu let’s just go ahead.

And get started all right so the first life hack I have for you guys is just to first and foremost make sure you’re not.

Taking on too much or biting off more than you can chew and this can go for so many different aspects and I’m talking like work extracurricular activities making plans with friends when you completely forget that you have like three tests that week so as many.

Of you guys know this semester I’m actually and not working at.

A restaurant like I used to for the.

Past two and a half years but when I did.

Work at the restaurant what I would do was at the beginning of the semester when I would get my syllabi I would look at each of the dates that I would have an exam and I would go ahead and request off work the two days prior to those exams because that way I don’t.

Have to worry about getting scheduled I don’t have to worry about getting my shift taken or calling in sick and I’ve.

Actually made a whole other video kind of talking about this but if I were you I would try your best if you are having a heavy workload during the semester I.

Would just try your best to have a job that allows you to make your own schedule so that you can avoid any scheduling conflicts so you guys might remember but a couple months ago I was very fortunate enough to work with Rover which is pretty much a dog sitting act you can either register to find a sitter with Rover or you can register as a pet sitter and I was so happy when I read at the comments on.

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A month with Rover and if you choose to board pets instead of just walk them you can actually make so much more money so if you have your own apartment in college boarding pets is definitely a great way to make money versus clocking into some kind of part-time job I’ve mentioned this before but Rover is a service that I have been using for quite.

A while now when I was in Hawaii I had someone watch Clio via Rover when my mom who was babysitting her went to South Africa that was awesome the lady did such an amazing job and I’m also.

Registered on there as a pet sitter so if I ever need extra money I can literally just open up my availability in my area and what’s cool is you.

Can do Rover even between a busy school schedule because if you’re just walking dogs instead of boarding you only have to be with the pet for like an hour max so that really doesn’t take up that much of your study time and at the same time you’re still making that money that you need to live and then if you choose.

To board dogs and said you just have them at home with you and you can cuddle with them while you study you signup process is pretty easy they do make sure you do a background check which obviously you should probably get a background check if you’re babysitting animals but yeah I will have that.

Link down below for you guys all right let’s move on it to note-taking so this is something that I could honestly probably talk for.

Hours about throughout my years in college I think I’m finally realizing that for each class you’re going to take notes differently so for example a lot of professors will post.

Their notes online beforehand and if they do that I honestly don’t recommend sitting in class and just like copying them down because I feel like then I mean like I’m.

Know for some people it helps with retention but I feel like then you’re not really able to listen to the professor because you’re too busy writing notes down so instead what I do and pretty much all my class is is I have the notes pulled up on my laptop while my professor is going through the slides and if my professor mentions anything that’s not on the slides I will either open up the slide show and add it to it or.

I’ll just like on a separate sheet of notebook paper or on my laptop I.

Will type in something extra and just make sure I bold italicize it because if your professor mentions it it might end up being on the test depending on how their forte is some professors like to be sneaky and add stuff in and some just go by the book and based off what’s on their slide show so it’s really about understanding how the professor is now this.

Semester I have been at trying a new little technique and I wasn’t too sure if it was gonna work at first but holy moly you guys I I can’t believe it’s actually working so as I said a lot of my professors post their powerpoints and I honestly can’t study from a slide show like for me it’s just confusing to look.

Squares on a piece of paper if that makes sense so what I do is a couple of days before test time I will just sit down and.

I’ll go ahead and copy all of the PowerPoint slides onto a big Word document and for me it’s way easier to understand the.

Information when it’s kind of like chronological on a sheet of paper versus a bunch of slides if that makes sense and obviously you could just do this during class you could do it after class.

I personally just like to go ahead and do it when I’m sitting down to.

Start studying so as usual I’m just gonna go ahead and get all my notes prepared.

Onto a document pretty much I’ve taken all these notes since classes started this semester so I.

One document for the class and then every time I go back to class I just open it back up and as you guys can see I have all my notes in here and if you’re wondering how I got the diagrams I literally just screenshot them off of the notes that my professor posts it would honestly probably be a little bit smarter if I did it you know right after class but is that way I would retain the information.

But I don’t so I’m not gonna tell.

You guys that I do that and then after I have everything copied down onto my word document I print it out I close my laptop and I just study the paper because I don’t know about you guys I cannot study on a.

Computer I will end up getting distracted I’ll watch youtube videos and at the same time it’s just so much easier in my opinion to see things on paper and be able to highlight and star and just flip back and forward instead of having like a billion tabs open on your computer.

I know I already mentioned this but I cannot emphasize how important it is to.

Just listen to your professor and pay attention to those things that they.

Repeat over and over again or you know those things that they say and this will be on the test and make sure you copy that down and do something so that you know in.

Three weeks when you’re sitting down to study you’ll know to really pay attention to that what I like to do is I just like to color code these specific things that my professor says compared to what’s already on their PowerPoint if that makes sense the other day I got a DM on Instagram from someone and she’s like hey like thank you so much for your study tips the only thing is my professor doesn’t post anything online.

And in class they literally just verbally talk they don’t.

Have any kind of PowerPoint or anything like that and first of all I feel you.

I’ve had several professors like that and she was basically asking like how should I take notes for this class and honestly the best thing I would recommend is just going and getting the textbook and reading the textbook it’s gonna be a drag because I know how long reading textbooks takes I am NOT a strong reader whatsoever so for me that’s like my last resort but what’s nice is you know that.

The textbook probably has all the information that your professor is gonna use unless they tell you they’re gonna have other resources on the exams yeah if your professor is stubborn and does not like to post anything online for you to help I would recommend just going through and reading the textbook and you know how.

At the beginning of the chapter there’s the objectives just really make sure you understand each of those objectives because that’s probably what your professor is gonna test you on all right moving on to the next part is planning so I kind.

Of talked about this in the beginning but it’s really really important it just.

Set yourself up for success and just know if you’re gonna have a busy week beforehand I told you guys the other day that.

Were so insane just because I had three exams each week and that’s so overwhelming and I feel like I would have felt so much more relaxed if I just started studying earlier so even I know like I know I’m sitting down and give you guys advice I just want you to know that I’m not perfect and I don’t want to come across like I’m this like study clean because I’m.

Really not because I’m still.

Learning myself something that I constantly remind myself is the earlier you start studying and planning the better you will do so kind of like how I.

Used to request off with work beforehand and begin this semester I will always just take my agenda and I’ll go through and I will write down any exam I have and then on the days prior all right now and start studying for Finance exams start studying for management exam and that way I’m constantly reminded that I have these exams coming up something that I’ve actually started doing is just counting how many chapters are.

Gonna be on the exam and giving myself that many days to study and I feel like that’s sufficient enough because it’s not realistic like you can’t sit down and learn eight chapters in one night it’s just it’s not gonna happen honestly so if you have it each chapter exam by your best to start studying eight days in.

Advance and I know that’s kind of a stretch so maybe if you have eight chapters on an exam do two chapters a day and start studying four days in advance if that makes sense now I do want to say I have a type of person whereas if I give.

Myself way too much time to study I can get a little distracted like I’ll.

Be sitting down and I’m like oh it’s okay like my exam isn’t for another week like I can mess around right now on YouTube it’s.

Fine but think about how stressed you felt the last time you came for an exam and as soon as you put that thought in your head you’re gonna snap out of it and be like no I need to.

Just give yourself more than enough time let’s just uh D and even if you sit down and you’re like oh my.

Goodness I do not need four days to study for this exam this stuff is so easy oh well at least you’re giving yourself that extra time and that means you’re gonna do all of them work better on these versus giving yourself half that time all right let’s do this so far and pretty much the final part of this video is the actual process of studying all right so now that it’s October you guys have most likely had the first exam in each of your classes I know I have and a great way to kind of.

Base your studies is pretty much basing it off of the first exam so think about the first exam you had in the class did the professor use all quiz questions that they use old homework questions was.

It similar to material that was in the textbook try to try and like get in their brain and figure out how they’re making these exams now you guys will help you so so much I feel like a lot of times you do the worst on your first exam just because you’re going.

Into it completely blank and you have no idea what to expect but after that first exam usually the style they use to make their first exam they’re gonna use that same style continuously now I’m gonna share one of my biggest secrets that I don’t think I’ve.

Ever talked about on YouTube but this is something that it seriously saved on my butt and college okay so your professors probably assign you textbooks right and they’re most likely gonna test you on what’s in the textbook now what you can do is you can look up the name of your textbook online.

And then you can also type in questions or maybe like practice questions or practice tests questions and a lot of the time online it’s for the public you can buy practice questions that go hand in hand with that textbook usually the teachers get them for free but the public can just buy the questions and.

A lot of times you guys professors will literally use very similar questions they’ll just sometimes rewrite them to what is given with a textbook so what my friends and I usually do it’s just like $30 or something like that we’ll just split it so I paid $15 this semester because I’ve split with my friend and that gave us a huge set of practice questions that.

We would not have had otherwise and then the next tip that has literally saved my ass all throughout college is it using Quizlet so if you’ve not used Quizlet what are you doing you go on there and look at it.

Pretty much what Quizlet it’s like you can make practice test questions and sets and flashcards and a lot of times students from past years will have already.

Uploaded so much material on Quizlet that you don’t even have to take the time out of your day to make the set so personally what I like to do is I’ll usually go on Google and I’ll type in Quizlet and then I’ll type in the course name and my professors name and it’ll usually come up with a ton of sets that past students have made and it’s open for anyone to use and that’s a really good.

Resource because it’s stuff that past students have made and if nothing comes up for that or you’re wanting to find even more information you can also type in the name of your textbook that the professor signs.

And then type in the word Quizlet and then the chapter and bam once again that’s even more study material that you can use to study as I mentioned with note-taking I love to print stuff out so here are like some of the past quizlets that I used for my test last week I actually ended up making this set myself but as.

You can see I just have definitions and then the answers it’s really easy to go through pleaselet just gives you a ton of options based on how.

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