Study Motivation | My Study Routine + Note Taking Tips

You study because you can also make flashcards practice tests practice quizzes all that kind of stuff the next piece of advice for you guys as far as studying goes that.

Is kind of look at how your studying are you in a good environment are you in a clean environment are the people you were talking or are they actually studying all that kind of stuff can actually really affect how well you do on an exam and I have always been someone that does not like studying with other.

People however last week I studied with a couple of my friends for my econ exam and holy.

Cow that helped so so much because I felt kind of clueless going into it and sitting down and studying with them I feel like I was able to learn.

So much so much quicker from the people I was studying with compared to how much I would have learned if I tried to read the textbook all by myself if that makes sense so if you have friends that seem knowledgeable in the topic I would definitely invite them to hang over go on a study date with them because three heads is better than one and that’s for sure alright you guys so I think that’s about it for this.

Video if I remember anything else I’ll.

Either do maybe a part three to this video or I’ll just leave it in the comments below but I would really love if you guys leave me any of your study tips I think it’s amazing how this community can help each other out so much and.

I mentioned in the beginning but it literally does mean the world to me that I’m able to help just at least one of you guys with how you study good you guys that is basically it thank you so so much.

For watching this video I love you all so much as I mentioned don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not already and.

Check me out on Instagram yeah I love you guys so so much and I will see you very very soon in my next video bye guys.

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