Vlog#1 My Bullet Journal Set Up With Evernote With Tutorials And Templates

Hello everyone so I’ve been trying my best to actually capture this video as formally as I can join my baby and my husband this video so this video is gonna be a tutorial and a run-through on my digital journal using Evernote and iPhone so the steps that was taken on this video resection done using a mobile device which.

Is an iPhone so some steps that I’ll be showing.

There may not work on other platforms like bring those Android devices and repeaters so as an introduction I.
Just need to know what is a bullet journal is what.

Is Evernote so basically Evernote is just a note-taking app one of the best note-taking apps that you could actually use across all platforms so you can use it on iOS devices MacBook windows from os web browsers and this Android device Excel so almost every type of devices so bullet journal it’s actually a physical notebook that you can use we’re in you can manipulate it the way you want it to be so you can make your own design set it up the way you know it’s gonna work plan to track your things so to.

Give you an idea this is a bullet journal so see so that’s much is doing with bullet journals let and have so that’s why I actually will stop using it she’s trying to so she always tries to break it so I don’t have time tonight on this bullet you are now and.
At the same time you CIA won’t really be you know somehow.

Capable of doing at all so imagine how I would be able to write on that.

If she keeps on freaking it right so we actually decided to use a digital bullet journal using Evernote so just so.

You know there’s also some apps that is specializing with digital journaling but they are quite expensive than Evernote you can get them for free however you get a lot of.

And like with Evernote you can use it for free with some limitations but only with storage but most likely you can use almost all the futures in note-taking and using it as in journal but for new users of Evernote if you don’t have any account yet.

The link in the description when you can actually register and have a one month free premium trial okay so now we’re about to go to the next part of this video which cannot contain most likely and screen recordings.

And slides so if you do have any questions or if I missed something in this video that is related to broad journaling on Evernote you can actually comment let me leave a comment you can also give feedback or just say anything that you wanted to say just feel free to do it on the comment section now please don’t forget to subscribe as well.

Like and share so that’s really a big favor if you’re gonna do that okay so smile go to the next fight.

Let’s just say goodbye to them she’s busy eating expect on this video so this is the first video where you’ll hear.

Me talk and you’ll see and evernote digital baju setup so that’s about journal that I actually made using my Evernote so we also get into the four parts of my journal and we’re gonna also include how to select how to duplicate notes great tables and dividers also how to internal link and how to use the.

Tags okay so now we’re opening the Evernote app so the notes are just taking a while to load okay let’s try to look for the journal notebook for us to see.

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