Vlog#1 My Bullet Journal Set Up With Evernote With Tutorials And Templates

The journal setup they have made so here is the complete set up 30 2018 August to December okay so this is the daily logs productivity task the monthly view and the gratitude and reflections so this is the first part of the journal that is the main page or the monthly view so if you’d see it has sub parts which are the goals the.

Scheduled events in the pages the pages are internally linked with hyperlinks and.

Scheduled events it’s also hyperlinked although that links to the iOS calendar app and the girls are unchecked boxes so this is just the simplest way to set it up you can also add or remove something something so let’s go ahead and try out the hyperlink for the iOS calendar.

Okay click on it and then to show you create event showing calendar and copy event so once I click create event it would just open up the calendar app for the iOS rain you can actually create the event for that specific date it actually works also on messages I believe so there and we just add this one now from.

The pages it’s just going on productivity and tasks which is the second part of my bullet journal so if you can see it will list the date in the task for that specific thing so we’re gonna use the dividers here as well which I’m gonna tell you how to make one later.
Gonna do add a new task every night.

Before I end the day we’re gonna do it above the note so that.

The outdated task which most likely gonna be you know completed will be below the page so just in case a task we run complete we’re just gonna copy pasted above so that’s an.

Example of a new task for the next day so you see the link for August 28 in above that is also an internal link which lets us go back here now let’s take a look at the third part.

Of the journal which is the daily logs so if you can see it’s gonna be on a.

Table form which I’m going to tell you how to do later on so there are two columns and of course the 32 rows for the header.

In the 31 days okay so we’re gonna take note of the things that we have done in the day in a bullet point and if you’ll see this track boxes there that’s a recurring tasks and PTU.

Is actually my medication for hyperthyroidism so that’s gonna be three times a day so same thing we have the August 20 thing below and also here.

Above which gives us an access to going back to the main page so now let’s take a look of the gratitude and reflections so this is the fourth part of the journal actually gratitude is something that I wanted to start practicing on and reflections is something.

The month so that reflects to whatever good thing or.

Bad thing happened what to expect on the following month so the bad thing here is when you hyperlink you just have to click back back.

Home page okay so this point we’re gonna create the tables and dividers which we actually used on the previous notes so for us to create the table we’re gonna follow this formula so.

We’re gonna use square brackets for the number of columns so let’s just type it there and then the letter X and then the number of rows so each square brackets means one column two columns and then three columns for this formula and an X and then the number of rows just hit enter it will create the table now three dashes to make a divider or.

Three equal signs or three star signs so simple right but of course for you to be able to enable that you have to.

You know take some steps so that is by enabling the advanced editing so just have to go to the settings and then look for this notes and then advanced editing on the top just click on it and make sure everything there is an Ebola so for your reference you’ll also see there how to make the dividers the check box code blocks tables and yeah those things okay so now let’s talk about tags so did.

You see what I clicked it’s like the price tag thing so that pertains to the tags so you just have to click on it to feel there’s some things like for example this one actually you click the tags on to the monthly overview let’s try to change it to daily log so it would show you all notes.

Under daily logs and tasks all notes that is under tasks and the meditation jack so if you’d see you don’t have this September yet for the meditation so that’s what we’re going to do later on okay so this is only under specific note books but if you’re on the main page you can also.

Search for the tags of the all notes so as I mentioned we don’t have yet the September gratitude and reflection so first create one we’re gonna do duplicate the notes so just click on the three dots above and then click on duplicate.

Note and then most of the kings copy of August so I’m just gonna edit this one to September okay see the hyperlinks it’s still in August but for us to make things done properly we’re gonna do the internal linking okay so we’re gonna change that later on but first we’re gonna.

Copy this internal link just click on the person with the plus sign there more sharing options okay once you click it just copy internal link then.

It will copy the link for the September gratitude and reflections so just gonna paste that on the mid page so since this one is numbered we just have to.

Start the cursor from the number to just set the enter or return the number three were just going to paste it so never title they have their it’s gonna be used on.

The hyperlink okay so now for us to change the August twenty you think they’re just gonna.

Copy the hyperlink or the internal link for this monthly overview for September and we’re just gonna change this one and that’s September just formatted to whatever you want but apparently on every note on iPhone you’re not evolved change the text of the link although you can delete some of it.

But you cannot entirely change it okay now.

Let’s just copy this thing to that part and paste it okay so we have it on top in below so I always do that just to make sure that we will be able to access it even from the top of the note or even at the end of the note okay so now that’s the three sub parts of the main page you can add or edit this anytime you like so let’s just try to create an event from Evernote.

To the iPhone Calendar app so I just have to you know type the event that you want and then the date actually this applies I believe to any app even in messages if you type in.

A date the iPhone will recognize that it is a date and would give you a hyperlink brand you can create and or wherein you can actually open the calendar app I’m not sure though but something that nice to use so this is the first birthday of my daughter that’s gonna be September 29 so it takes a while.

Before it gets like a so you have to see if the note friends okay there so now it’s automatically hyperlinked so let’s just create it as an event hopefully they can include the.

Text beside it to make it as a title of the event but so once you saved the event you can just click on.

It from your note and view it you can calendar so it’s pretty cool and nice to have an accessible calendar on your note pad as well right we just.

The four parts main page productivity and task daily logs.

And last thing is going to be the gratitude and reflections you can add anything you like or.

Remove some of it don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and also to my youtube channel thank you.

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