Productivity Apps: Google Docs, Evernote, Deconstructed

Hi my name is mike kane eggs and you’re watching you everywhere now TV and today we’re talking about four of my favorite productivity apps now let me demonstrate what these are and then I’m going to tell you what they are as well and these are apps that absolutely help me kick ass in every part of my life and.

Help me create more products write books stay in touch with people and also generate content that i can.

Use and reuse and every format imaginable that’s really what you and everywhere now is all about so my.
First app it might not sound like a miracle app but it’s how i use it.

Should be a helper for you is google docs and if you take a look at it right now I actually used google docs to create all the content that i’m communicating with you about right here now what i use google.

Docs for is whenever i am driving for example and I have some ideas i use google docs in serie and i just talk into my phone while i’m driving to create an outline of any show ideas i have.

I also use it to write books now the next appt.

I have is Evernote and i use this you might have used evernote in the past but it.

Lets you organize any kind of ideas images sounds clippings etc etc but i use it as a way to get ideas for any kind of a program that i might be using for example so.

Here I’ve got information it might be inspiration for videos and articles so you can see a whole bunch of min here for.

Example and the way I add those is this I might go to let’s say Safari and if I find a website that i really like might be strolling through it and click on the save I go across here i click on evernote and then in one of my categories for example I might say hey this is one of my ideas for some sort of an article I might have soap scroll through here and let me do.

That again must be clicking on the.

Wrong darn thing but I look for inspiration for videos and articles and it’s saved okay super super awesome now let me show you the next thing that I love it’s an app called tape a call and now the first thing I need to tell you is in.

Some states you this isn’t legal unless you notify the person on the other end but how about if you wanted to interview someone and you wanted to have a recording of that call but maybe you also wanted to transcribe it as well.
Well enter tape a call what you’ll see on screen is a big red button you.

Can look at it right now and first of all you call the person you click on the big red button and then you do a merge and I’ll show.

You what the screens look like from the app store here but you tap the record button a three-way call is created and then you merge the calls and at that point the call is being recorded and what happens after that is as soon as you hang up that recording can be saved right to your Dropbox and there’s something else that I.

Absolutely love you can press a transcribe button and send that call out to be transcribed this is a great way to interview people let’s say for a book or an article you might be creating or if you’re on some sort of a call and you know you’re.

Not going to remember stuff in your.

Bed at taking notes BAM it’s awesome and that leads me to my last productivity app that i absolutely love it’s called rev calm now this is my secret weapon for recording content for.

Books at meetings and lectures and I’m actually.

Recording this article or iced you should say this video I’m doing right now so as soon as I’m done all i have to do is click on the pause.

And save click on save give it a name and i could call this favorite apps apps click.

On done click on save now here’s where it really gets interesting i could click on the transcribe button for example and this will get sent out to be transcribed and generally speaking if the thing.

That you have is 15 minutes long or less its transcribed by a real human being in an hour or two and it’s done in a.

Microsoft Word format so it’s really good looking you can copy and paste that this is.

Weapon for creating books as well so those are my.

Four favorite apps and what I’d encourage you to do right now is if you’ve enjoyed this video head on over to you everywhere now calm the shortcut for that is why entv there we’ve got more great articles ideas and videos to share with you that will make you.

More productive and make it more money and the other thing I will say is if you’ve enjoyed this make sure you click subscribe and share this with some of your friends that you think could benefit from some of these ideas as well my name is mike paintings thanks a lot for watching well there you have it I am mm-hmm so Roland.

Frasier huh brilliant guy no question.

About it yeah and we got the top four apps.

So check out the big brain on rollin that’s true so when you think about it with the apps Google Google Docs use that baby everywhere and it.

Is every I’d say out of everything i use it i want to use the most tape a call i just use it yesterday for example on the phone doing a meeting.

And I need some notes and or I need to pass something along so it allows team members to be.

Part of a meeting without them having to be there and if it’s some sort of really really important detail I just pressed the button ya rabba.

Come take over and send that transcript over which again you can just grab the nuggets and send emails the nuggets and say you can listen to it if you want to here’s the entire crack transcript if you want to but.

Here are the top three four things you might need.

To know Evernote I use that every morning and every night when I’m just thinking yeah I know it’s just like right now that it is the core of how I’m managing my show ideas really and so.

Massive massive time savers and they’re always you know it doesn’t matter if it’s on my phone on my.

Laptop desktop iPad it’s always there I log in the morning to gmail google calendar and Google Docs those three things almost simultaneously so it shows you how great.

Those things are Evernote by the way you and someone else can.

Share a note and so in the past I’ve used that with my wife build.

A grocery list instead of saying hey key to get this stuff you get this stuff can you get her stuff I just add it to that she goes the grocery store and picks up writing it’s great yeah.

Good stuffs so you don’t even.

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