Productivity Apps: Google Docs, Evernote, Deconstructed

Have to talk to anyone anymore you can just use Google Docs you know I call and for guys like that so hate people yeah hate people don’t like working with people at all so I know some of the things that we’re going to be that are coming up we’ve got another show coming up soon with Phil town.

Yeah we’ve got Jordan Belford we’ve got Shanda’s sumpter in.

The studio we have joel comm so we’ve got a whole lineup really exciting.

Yes it’s great it’s great Phil town best author rule number one I mean big money Jordan Belford who you know from wolf of.

Wall Street so mean we’ve got some really great guests that would.

Be awesome time to subscribe to the show right on so here are some of the things you want to do number one make sure you.

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Wrap this baby up so for now consider doing a fast too even if it’s a one-day fast yeah or a meal that’s what.

I started with good way to begin yeah so I just it is Oh what’s it that’s it I.

Just slept in through breakfast that fast as your hands that the video you do that with this is my caning show sponsored by our friends at bulletproof coffee thanks for watching can’t wait to see you in the next episode so long hey this is Mike and we’re at the point the video where you can subscribe to the YouTube.

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