Google Drive Or Evernote | Q&a

However and welcome to another video it is Francesco here I hope everyone is doing very well so in this video we’re going to do something a little different I wanted to take a question from Twitter now I’ve actually been chatting to Lucas in email anyway about this function and some of that I recommend on on Twitter he asks.

I can’t choose between Google keep and Evernote such a tough choice I like Google heap because it integrates with Docs and it’s simple I like Evernote because it’s organization and capability I’m also quite the Google Drive user perhaps you could help me migrate make the right choice now Lucas also explained that he’s trying to like comprehend whether.

He should go with Evernote and another service on the side like a word processing service so I wanted to talk about.

This as a whole is a big picture because I know that a lot of people I get a lot of these questions about you know why do you use a word processor and a note-taker at the same time and I think it’s valuable to understand that sort of process so I we personally use Google and drive as my storage experience inside of that storage experience I use a word.

Processor Google Docs now both are very handy I like to use Google Drive for.

Storing files and documents and really editing videos it can be multimedia and.

Then I like to use the Google Docs function to create the likes of documents proposals you know things that are going to be longer than a page really and which is sort of my go-to rule when.

It comes to Evernote I will use Evernote on the side but.

I use that for like notes specific storage about certain things ideas you know planning things you know I like anything really visual stuff as well and I find that Evernote is easy to access and is perfect so anything lower than one page that’s sort of my go-to rule there so you can use the likes of Evernote and a word processor in tandem of course they both have almost.

Completely different experiences so it’s something that you just need to make sure that you know so for example in Luke situation he said you know it’s better for making things in school like he wants to work understand that in the school context so for example in a school context coming from there I would use Evernote to organize my notes lecture notes and in fact map because they’re not going to be longer than a page necessarily and.

On the Google Drive side I would use it to store like other things like videos and information around college in school maybe even official documents I know I’m going to find later but I would mainly use it for word processing processing so I will actually create my coursework on there and share it with my classmates to.

Do that work so you know I would say that Evernote is a way to organize your college experience and Google Drive and Google Docs is a way.

Sort of word processors and get things red like like create it I guess from the start no naturally you can create you could probably.

Everything into Evernote however there are some difficulties with that so for example if you’re writing coursework in there fantastic if.

You want to use it like a portal to write coursework but when you want to export it becomes.

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