Google Drive Or Evernote | Q&a

A lot harder and if you want to share it with a team the editing functions not many people do have at the premium.

Version of Evernote so they can’t go in and edit that so naturally Google Drive works better in the collaborative abilities so as you can imagine you know this is something that.

In a context of work I still think you know having an Evernote and a GU Drive is important you know it is those.

Other services so for example Dropbox.

Is one of those however it doesn’t have a word processing function alongside it which makes it a bit harder it does have drama paper which may be.

Over complicates it because you’ve got drawn tatata and Evernote which are very similar services in some extent so actually having our Evernote and Google Drive and should complement each other really well obviously they’ve got that integration as well so it makes it even easier to like mention Google Docs or any Google sheet or PowerPoint into the likes of Evernote so it’s actually very.

Easy to get on with anyway guys I hope that gave you a bit of context about how I use Evernote in Google Drive and how you can be using the Evernote and Google Drive together.

Now it’s not you know I would say in one of these experiences you don’t necessarily have to stick with one there it can be multitude of experiences and that’s why they have the integration there.

And I just want to thank lucid Lucas for allowing me to feature this question you know I’ve been chatting with the role of you guys in the email so I started pull out a few questions that are common and.
Also sharing them here but if you have.

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