Productivity Tips: 5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

My hair is literally always a mess I Flatiron it I curl it doesn’t matter what I do it’s like this hi everyone welcome to empowering fatigue in today’s video we will be discussing five techniques that you can use to help you gain mastery over productivity so something that comes up quite often when talking to my friends my colleagues.

My teammates is this issue of productivity or time management it seems to be one of those elusive goals that everybody wants to achieve but it’s so difficult to get.

There and I didn’t understand why I mean I’ve struggled with it too in the past and if I’m being quite honest sometimes I fall off the bandwagon and they fall into these really bad habits and then I gotta pick myself up and start implementing some good habits so what I found for myself is that I constantly have to apply myself to some really good habits to stay on track and make sure that I am actually productive and that’s kind of what I wanted to.

Share with you today so my first technique is do not wear your busyness as a badge of honor so a couple years ago I was reading this article in The Huffington.

Post that talked about how many of us wear our busyness as this badge of honor almost as though it means that we’re super special or.

Something just because we’re super busy well the truth is that the busier you are the less productive you are because your brain actually.

Just the way it is being busy also does something else it causes us to miss out on the important things the important tasks so we end up never getting to the important things that we need to do because we’re rushing around and running around doing trying to do absolutely everything which is just not possible there’s only so many hours in the day with all requires its complete mindset change and kind of aligning ourselves with our priorities.

So that we can dedicate the right amount of time getting those chops done and then that we will actually see progress at the end of.
The day technique number two and it’s a.

Short one so it’ll be easy to remember but batch all your similar tasks together so combining or compiling your similar tasks together actually helps you to.

Get through your tasks at a much quicker rate and to be quite honest I just said tasks way too many times please really technique number three.

Use the Pomodoro Technique this was invented by Francisco Seattle not sure if I’m saying is name written at all but it’s a brilliant.

Way of helping you to power through your top essentially the theory is simple you break down your work into chunks and work at it in intervals.

Or timed intervals so they say that on average we can say pretty focused for about 20 minutes so seeing as though that’s the case take a.
Task or take a piece of work with whatever it is that.

You need to power through and take your phone at your timer whatever it is whatever it is you’re gonna use a time yourself and set it for 20 minutes power through your work once the timer goes.

Off at 20 minutes take a break go back to it after your mini break and for every four times that you do this take a much longer break technique number four actionable steps every event every meeting every collaboration that you go to make sure that everybody is sitting at the table including yourself knows what the actual steps are going forward that way you can ensure that you’re.

Accomplishing the ankle technique number five take control so this one is probably the hardest for me taking control in particular of my time your time is essentially what’s going to help you to make progress or to accomplish these really important tasks that you need to accomplish so it’s really important that you take control of it so one thing that’s worked.

For me is putting up a sign on either my door on my desk that says you know do not disturb with a smiley face or in my case a little minion so that my teammates than hey I’m working on something pretty important and I cannot be.

Disturbed if I want to get through it and they totally understand so for yourself perhaps applying something similar might work but make sure that you actually take control of your time that is the key to getting things done so that’s it.

In terms of the five basic techniques to help you boost your productivity now I’ve created an additional tool for you that I think will be really helpful it’s eight down though that you could find in the link below that has five additional techniques as well as a mini agenda and a 10-day challenge to help you get started I really hope it helps just click on the link below and download your freebie sheets right now if you have any tips or tricks of your own feel free to leave it in the comments below so.
That you can share the wealth with the rest of us and of course.

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So that you don’t miss out on the insights that I share only on Tuesday thanks so much.

For watching yep techniques yeah my father keeps.

Buzzing in the middle of recording there the again and working through them actually helps you to get through your stack of tasks much quickly quit much quickly quickly quicker that’s what I meant this new mix let’s take I’m kind of obsessed with it.

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