Using Evernote Templates Workshop | From Simply Days

Hello everyone and welcome to another video my name is Francesco and what they’re doing these videos is great now productivity tips tools and techniques to help you move forward with your productivity so what I’m gonna be doing in this episode is actually passing over to someone that I’m very excited to collaborate with and her name is Barbara and.

She works at simply days and simply days is essentially a digital agency that allows you to kind of organize your digital clutter and Barbara is someone that I’ve been following for a while on.

Both Instagram Twitter and I’ve been impressed by the articles she’s been putting out specifically about Evernote so this video is going to encompass everything to do with Evernote templates and for those who net know Evernote templates is a great way to start kind of using Evernote but organizing it in a kind of structured format and basically reducing your workload in terms of setting that up so what Barbara’s gonna do she’s gonna run through how to start implementing them and also give me a few of.

Her already pre-existing ones so I’m really looking forward to this video and I’m gonna let Barbara kind of take it away from here as per normal I’m gonna include all of the links in the description and you can find out all about Barbara and simply days from there so thanks very much guys but.
It should have a great week keep productive and.

Look forward to the video cheers thanks Francesca and hi everyone I’m excited to be here today and I’m excited to talk all about Evernote templates Evernote templates have been.

A great way for me to keep my life organized Asch streamline they’re super easy to integrate into your current organization system and I’m excited to dive in and take a closer look at them today.

And talk about how you can start implementing them in your life first I want to tell you a little bit about myself and a little bit about my story and how I got into all of this digital organization stuff so four years ago my husband I decided we wanted to simplify we wanted downsize their space and get rid of a lot of our stuff so we sold and returned and traded what we had.

Spent the last years and years accumulating and it felt great to get rid of a lot of our stuff what we still have left though were boxes.

And boxes of paperwork and DVDs and books and receipts and just seemed to be this big towering heap of stuff that we needed to still keep but we didn’t have room for in our new space so looking at that big pile that’s when I decided how to figure out how to go paperless I spent the next couple.

Of years kind of obsessively researching and figuring out all about digitalization and paperless techniques it took me a long time to figure out systems and tragedies that works really effectively for me but now it’s been a really great system so now I can pull up all of my entire library of books hundreds of books I could pull Maul up on my.

Phone all of my DVDs all of our paperwork and receipts and manuals and warranties and everything else the longer I was using this digital system and figured out how it works really effectively.
I had friends and family coming and asking me and.

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