Using Evernote Templates Workshop | From Simply Days

This receipt on your phone how do you do that so I started teaching people here and there about it and then I started picking up clients one-on-one and teaching clients all about the shores they shouldn’t getting organized and.

That spread and grew and then a couple months ago I decided to launch as an online business so I launched a website called simplify days and the premise is simplify in your life through digital organization and minimizing and getting your life in order and.

Then I also launched an online course which is a step by step guide for getting digitally organized something else that I offer on my website and what we’ll talk about today are free Evernote templates so along this digital organization journey Evernote has been a really invaluable tool for me in getting my stuff digitized in a.

System that’s really easy to use and very accessible to me all the time so I can pull up all my information on my phone or my laptop or anywhere that has it in a connection which has been great so we will I’m going to turn the screen around and we’ll do a screencast and we’ll start off on my website.

Which is where I offer the Evernote templates for free and we’ll take a closer look at how you can download them right into your own Evernote account and how you can customize them and use them to streamline and we’re July so let’s take a look at those.

Tablets so first what’s the template whenever there’s something that I use frequently such as a shopping list or packing list I just create a.

Outlining all of the main sections for that topic and then designate it as a template.

Then I use the copy to notebook function to reuse that same note over and over again so each time I packing I have a template that I can use to streamline the packing process I offered these Evernote templates at simplify days completely for free you can see them all on.

My products page let’s get navigate there now to take a look at the different templates and.

See how easy it is to download one into your account so select products and then this category here for pre digital templates that will pull up all the templates that I have available.

And we’re going to click on the packing list template here you’ll see a short description for the template and you’ll also see these icons below you can click through to see exactly what the template looks.

Like if you like it and think that it would help you with your life then just click Add to Cart then view cart and within the cart you’ll see a couple of other options for templates that may interest.

You if you’d like you can check them out now when you’re ready just click proceed to checkout when I’m here at the checkout page all I need to enter is my name and my email address you’ll also be given the.

Option here to create an account you don’t have to create an account but what that will do is every time you come back to simplify days to get more templates it will.

Save your information and will just make the process easier in the future it will also allow you to log in to your account so that you can instantly access all the links for the.

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